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Monday, November 24, 2008

November = Busy Time of Year

We have had a very busy week and a half!

Let's back up to celebrating Steph's birthday. We went over to Steve parents house to celebrate and eat delicious enchiladas, watch Steph open her gifts and blow out her candles. We had a good time celebrating with her!

Last Thursday we had our Thanksgiving dinner with Steve's family. Mrs. Mota cooked another delicious meal and we enjoyed spending time with the family. We are very thankful to have each and every one of them in our lives. We will be in New York this week for Thanksgiving, so it was very important to us to spend time with both sides of the family and share our appreciation and thankfulness this time of year.

Friday my mom came in town and her, Steve and I took a super quick trip to Houston to go to a wedding. Lindsey (the bride) and I grew up together and were best of friends when we were little girls. It was wonderful seeing her so happy. We had a good time, but had to get up super early to make it back for a memorial for Dee.

For those of you that don't know, Dee (my step dad that passed away in January) was a donor. Around Thanksgiving every year, the hospital has a reception to thank all of the donors over the last year. Dee's donations helped 72 different people live a better life. It's pretty amazing that even after death he is able to touch other peoples lives! It was a sad occasion, but very uplifting listening to the recipients tell their stories. There was one fireman (around my age) who was in a house fighting a fire. The second story collapsed on him causing 80% of his body to be burned. He lost a leg and an arm, but is only alive today because of the skin donors (like Dee). If he had not had these donations of skin, he would've died. Dee lives on in heaven and the shell of his body is living on in other people. It's pretty miraculous, they call it the Circle of Life.

We are off to New York for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this week. Be looking for us on Regis and Kelly Wednesday morning and in Harold Square during the parade. We can't wait! We'll share pictures as soon as we get back!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sylvan TV Shoot

I spent all of last week in Vancouver casting and shooting our Sylvan TV spot for Q1. It was absolutely beautiful there! The leaves were all changing colors and falling from the trees. The leaves there are HUGE (see pic below of leaf the size of my head). It was cold and on occassion rainy. I went with 3 of my clients, my 2 art directors, my writer and my producer. I do have to say it was very strange being in another country when the election took place. I voted before I left, but the television coverage just wasn't the same in Canada. They kept switching back and forth to the hockey game that night (which I have NO interest in haha). Our team had a good time together, but I definitely found myself homesick and ready to come home to Stephen and my pups. Luckily, Stephen wrote me a little note for each day I was gone so that it would help make time go by a little quicker. It was really sweet!

We shot at two different locations, a Sylvan center of course and then we shot at a beautiful home that was a horse ranch, it was absolutely breath taking out there. We did manage to get in a few good times. Howard (my writer), decided to do open mic night at a comedy club while we were there, so we got in some good laughs. We got to do a little shopping (we all tried on fun hats) on Granville Island which was fun. This was the view from my hotel room, so it was at least a nice view while talking to Stephen on the phone every night.

I couldn't wait to come home, so Sunday didn't come soon enough. Once I finally got home from an extra long work week my sweet hubby had flowers waiting in the house that he cleaned, with a fresh cut yard and an extra organized garage (I think I have Steve and his dad to thank for the garage)! I couldn't be more thankful to have such an amazing husband!

Luckily, Stephen and I had saved some extra vacation days, so we took Monday and Tuesday off to spend some time together. It was a great relaxing couple of days, and I am so happy to be home! =)


We had a great Halloween weekend! We started the weekend off with trick-or-treaters from the neighborhood. We enjoyed seeing all of the costumes and giving out candy. We also spent some time with our neighbors. It started with chatting across the cul-de-sac while passing out candy and ended in a fun Halloween celebration on Landon Lane. Good times!

Sunday, Steve and I got some things done around the house and then had Stephen's parents over for dinner. We enjoyed some Mexican food and got some time to catch up before I headed to Vancouver. It was a great weekend!