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Friday, April 11, 2014

Mimi's Birthday

Last month we got to celebrate Mimi's birthday! We had a wonderful dinner at PF Changs and then went back to Steph and Gene's for some cake and gift time. Preston always loves to help blow out the candles and open gifts. Here he is again in his "no shirt" phase. He's hilarious! He is at such a fun age! It was a nice little celebration with family. Heres to another wonderful year for Mimi!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kelsey Meets More Family!

A couple of weeks ago Kelsey got to meet all of her cousins (Riley, Kaylin and Kinley), her Aunt Shelly and her Pops! They came in for a few days over their Spring Break and we were SO excited!! They got some extra special snuggle time with our sweet girl, Preston got some much needed play time with his wonderful cousins and we all got some time to do some catching up! Riley is a pro with babies now, he held Kelsey, helped push strollers and really entertained Preston...they are buddies! Kaylin, loved holding and feeding Kelsey, she was super sweet with her and also had lots of fun playing with Preston! Kinley was ALL about her baby cousin! It was pretty cute. She would walk around saying "baby, baby, baby!" and if Kelsey cried she would run over there to see what was the matter. It was adorable. I hope these two are super close! All the kiddos had a blast! The adults spent some time relaxing, went out to a couple of fun meals, took the big kids to a trampoline park and then took all the kiddos to the zoo on a beautiful day! We had a wonderful visit, just wished it could've been longer!
Proud Pops
Aunt Shelly, Kaylin and Kinley meeting Kelsey for the first time
Kaylin holding her baby cousin
Two sweet Girls
Lovin on that Baby
The Girls
And boys
Pops and his grandsons
Kinley holding Baby Kelsey
She LOVES her Baby Cousin
Oldest and Youngest Cousins...LOVE
Preston Attacking Pops and Riley with his Nerf Gun
Pops feeding Kelsey
Good Times
Cousins at the Zoo

Kelsey's 1st Month

Hard to believe our baby girl has already been with us for a whole month! Time flies! She has been such a wonderful baby. Steve and I keep thinking we are going to jinx ourselves if we talk about what a good baby she is, but she truly is a wonderful little baby. Like her big brother, she's a sleeper! This girl eats, fills diapers and sleeps like a little champ! We have actually had to wake her up to eat. So needless to say, we've got it good (so far)! The only time she cries is when shes hungry and waiting for her bottle to warm up or when we give her a bath (which she's starting to kind-of like). Preston has been a wonderful big brother!! He calls her "Baby sister" or "Baby Kelsey". It's really cute to hear him in his little voice say things like, "It's okay baby sister, I'm right here!" or "Mommy, show baby sister my toys!" He has also learned how to work her swing and always wants to be the one to turn it on for her! He's precious! So far my favorite thing Kelsey does, aside from sharing her sweet snuggles, is flex her little feet when we feed her, it's adorable. As soon as she starts eating, those little toes go straight up to the ceiling. It must be a full body work out to get down that bottle! =)In her first month she's also been very alert, looks at everything and loves looking at lights. She's also started smiling and recognizes mommy and daddy's voices when we talk. She's loves hearing big brother! As soon as Preston comes around she grins ear to ear! This month Kelsey also got to meet her cousins, Aunt Shelly and Pops (another post to come) as well as our good friends, Kyle, Kristina, Awbrey, Kendall, Z, Nikki and Charlie. Lots of fun meeting all these new faces!! All in all, we have loved our little bundle of joy so much and are so very grateful to have our sweet family. Still hard to believe we are now a family of 4!! Life is wonderful! GOD is SO good!
Snuggle Bug
Sleeps just like her big brother did as a baby, stretched out!
Another sweet snuggle bug
In her bassinet
Our lil Aggie
Preston likes showing baby sister all of his toys
Sweet Smiles
Best Daddy in the World!
Preston going through Baby Sisters Toys
Getting SO Big! In the Big Boy Swing
Having Sweet Dreams
Precious in an oversized bow (may need to grow into this one)
Big Brother taking care of Baby Sister
My Sweet Sleeping Babies
Preston's new thing is to run around without a shirt (we tell him all the girls are going to whistle at him)
Sweet Kiddos
1st Time Feeding Baby Kelsey
Our World
1st Attempt at a 1 month picture (she wasn't having it)
My Boys watching Frozen (Preston's new favorite movie)
1 Month Old

Why is that dog looking at me?

Preston at 1 month-I can't believe how much they look alike!!

Too Cute