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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Preston is 3 months old today!

My 3 month pic with Blue
Rockin my Adidas jumpsuit
Just hangin
So sleepy
Check out my lil rolls!
Lovin bath time!
Waking up sooo happy from a good nap!
Playing on the floor with mommy and daddy
Daddy crashed out playing with me after work
Passed out
Time to wake up!
The car is such a great place to sleep!
Love playing with my daddy
Floor time=fun time!
Too cute not to post!
Hard to believe my lil man is already 3 months old! These last three months have flown by! What a joy they have been!! As you can tell, I have not laid off taking pictures. I take a ton! Its like I want to capture every single moment of this lil guy. He is such a blast!! This last month he...
-Celebrated his first Thanksgiving
-Saw his first Christmas lights on our house
-Is able to sit propped up on the sofa without help
-Can hold his head up by himself (unless he's really tired)
-Is enjoying tummy time more
-Loves his hands and loves chewing on them. I think he'd put both fists in his mouth if he could.
-Really enjoys playing on the floor with his toys
-Knows how to interact with his toys more
-Still loves bath time
-Loves to talk! He isn't saying anything yet, but he thinks he is!!
-Recognizes mommy and daddy and gets very excited when he sees or hears us
-Is super happy when he wakes up
-Loves sleeping in the car
-Loves playing with daddy
These last 3 months have been the best months of our lives! We are truly blessed with little Preston and love him with all our hearts!!

Happy Thanksmas!

Feeding our boy on the road
We made it! Everyone is so excited to see lil Preston
Preston with his cousin Kaylin
Nana with her grandsons Preston and Riley
Riley and Kaylin helping Preston open his Christmas presents
Look at all of Preston's goodies
Aunt Lana and my favorite nephew Riley
(Kaylin is our fabulous photographer)Aunt Lana and her favorite niece Kaylin
(Riley photographed this masterpiece)
Nana and mommy playing with Preston
Preston tasting sweet potatoes for the first time
Preston tasting peanut butter pie (daddy's favorite) for the first time
Drew and Shelly crashed out after a great meal
Daddy and Preston watching the Aggies beat the Longhorns!
This weekend we celebrated Preston's first Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family. We went to the lakehouse and had a wonderful time with family. Preston did great on the road trip! Thanksgiving morning we celebrated Preston's first Christmas. Riley and Kaylin helped him open all of his wonderful gifts. It was so much fun! Preston quickly fell asleep after all the excitement and then everyone else opened their gifts. That afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! Preston even got a small taste of sweet potatoes and peanut butter pie! I'm convinced this kiddo likes about everything he eats. =) After a yummy dinner and some fun games we all set in to watch the Aggies beat the Longhorms WHOOP! What a game and a great way to end a fun day. It was lots of fun having Preston around this Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for including our families, friends, good jobs and everyone's health, but I have to admit that I could not be more thankful for lil Preston! He is truly a blessing from above and we are so very grateful to have him in our life!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving #1

We had Thanksgiving this weekend with Stephen's family. It was Preston's first Thanksgiving celebration. He has no idea how thankful we are that we were blessed with him this year! He truly gives us so much to be thankful for! We enjoyed the day at Stephen's parents house eating delicious food, playing Yahtzee, throwing football passes, playing with Preston and watching the Aggies beat Nebraska! Gig em Ags!! It was a fantastic day with family!

Happy Birthday Steph!

Last week we celebrated Steph's 40th birthday! She had a couple of celebrations, one with some good friends of hers and another with family. We had lots of fun both evenings. The first night we went to Blue Goose in Frisco and celebrated like she was turning 21 with shots around the table. The next night we had a lovely dinner at Brios and went back to her house for gifts and cake with the family. Lot's of fun and we're all looking forward to another great year for Steph!

Yay Daddy!

Stephen recently decided to leave the banking industry and make a move to Corporate America. He got a new job with Torchmark which is only 5 minutes from our house (literally down the street). His last day at North Dallas Bank will be Tuesday and he starts at Torchmark the Monday after Thanksgiving. Although Stephen will miss the wonderful people at NDBT, we feel truly blessed that he was given this opportunity and are excited for the new chapter ahead. Preston and I got to make our first poster together for daddy to congratulate him.

Preston Meets More Family

Grandma with Preston
Jennifer and Eleanor/Ellamazing
Aunt Yolanda, Mr. Mota and Aunt Gloria
My stud husband playing the guitar
Preston with Grandpa Preston with Aunt Steph
Preston with Uncle Gene
Last weekend Preston got to meet a couple of his Great Aunts and cousins. Mr. Mota's two sisters Aunt Gloria and Aunt Yolanda came in town with cousin Jennifer and her daughter Eleanor. We all got to spend some good time together relaxing, playing with Preston and being entertained by Stephen and Stephanie and their recent guitar skills. Preston definitely didn't starve for any attention!