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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jenna's Wedding

My cousin Jenna Lucado (now Jenna Bishop)got married last weekend in San Antonio. It was an absolutely amazing wedding! Probably the largest wedding I've ever been to. Attendees included David Robinson from the Spurs, Natalie Grant (Christian singer) as the guest singer for the wedding and of course yours truly. It was incredibly beautiful! The reception was at Don Strange Ranch with 4 beautifully decorated tents surrounded by campfires (for the kids to make smores), hot chocolate stands and delicious food everywhere you looked. We had a great time visiting with family and dancing our hearts out! Congratulations Brett and Jenna! I hope you all have a beutifully blessed life together! We had a great time at the wedding!

4 Years!

The best 4 years of my life that is! Stephen and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary last Thursday January 15th. We do the traditional anniversary gifts every year and this year was fruit and flowers. Stephen sent me 2 dozen beautiful roses to work and I got chocolate covered strawberries, cherries and apples for dessert after a wonderful sushi dinner. We had a great evening! I have been so blessed to have such an awesome husband with a shoulder to cry on, arms to hold me and a kind heart to love me. We have had a wonderful marriage so far and we are looking forward to an even better year 5!

Celine Dion

My wonderful husband got us tickets to go see the Celine Dion concert in Dallas! I LOVE CELINE DION! She is one performer that I've always dreamed of seeing live, and we got to! =) This was truly an amazing performance! You can see a short clip of one of her songs below. If you are going to watch the video, it's best to pause the music on the right side of the screen prior to playing. Thanks Stephen, the show was amazing!

Good Friends

Stephen and I got a chance to visit with some other good friends right after New Years. We got to see Kyle, Kristina and their lil princess Awbrey! We had a good weekend together and took lil Awbrey to the zoo on a surprisingly beautiful January day. =)


We went to dinner with Steph and Gene and then spent New Years Eve with some good friends at Amanda's house! It was so nice to see everyone and bring in New Year's with friends and fun! HAPPY 2009!


We took a little blog break for a while, so I have quite a few updates today. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!