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Monday, September 14, 2015


Last week we got a chance to go to Cabo with some of our very best friends! We love these two! We had such a wonderful time relaxing on the beach, drinking cocktails, eating delicious meals, going out to Cabo Wabo and relaxing in the spa! It was a quick 4 days, but we enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks to the Mota's for watching the kiddos so we could enjoy a kid free couple of days! A wonderful break! We would vacation with this crew any day!
Mimosas at 3:30am is always a good idea! To Cabo!!

Ready for the beach

We arrived

Toes are in the sand

Ready to feel the waves crash on our feet

It is amazing here!


Let's get this party started!

Holding on to my good lookin man so the other girls don't try to get him!

Doesn't get much better than relaxing in a cabana...

...with this view!

And a hottie hubby!

Villa del Arco-our hotel

Evening view
Beautiful sunset view from our balcony

Still enjoying the pool

Morning view of the pool from our balcony

Beach view from our balcony

So pretty

Lounge chairs in the water, yes please!

Relaxation at its finest


Got to find time for a little beer pong- The winning team

Having so much fun

Taco Bar!

Delicious lunch!

Great view for dinner

Sunset over Cabo

Crazy crew

So pretty here

Kissy faces

The guys mocking us


The fun is about to begin

Our men

Best date ever!
Kyle and Kris, two of our favorites!

One BIG drink!
Let the dance party begin!

So fun!

Great night out

Party pic

Cigar time!

Hawk pic to show the kids

Another stroll on the beach


Lovin life!


Kris and I headed to the spa

Already relaxed walking in!
Such a nice spa

We could've spent all day in here!

But we made it back to the cabanas
A windy dinner


Last night!

Mas Tequila!

Last morning stroll on the beach
Last beach selfie

Feel the waves crash on our feet one last time!

And its over! Back to the real world!