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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sir Preston Mota Turns 5!

We had a lot of fun celebrating Preston's 5th birthday! I can not believe he is already 5! My baby is getting big! His birthday fell on a week day, so daddy took the day off and we celebrated Preston all day! He woke up to donuts with a candle to blow out and all of his knight party decorations up. Mommy and daddy spent most of the night assembling this decor. We let Preston open one of his gifts from us and he picked the biggest one, his Knight Castle! This was one of the few things he asked for this year, so he was pumped! We spent the next couple of hours assembling this castle, but it was worth it! Preston LOVED it! After he played for a while, we all got dressed and went to the Dallas World Aquarium! We always enjoy seeing all the animals! It was a fun day with the family. We had planned to take Preston out for a birthday dinner, but his request was to "go home, order Chinese, play with my castle and open my other gifts!" So that is exactly wheat we did. We had a small cake for him to blow out candles on his birthday. It was a great day!

The Saturday following his birthday we had his birthday party. All he wanted was a "Knight Party", so that si exactly what he got! We did our best to turn our house into the Mota Castle and asked his guests to come dressed in their best castle attire (princess dresses, knight costumes etc). It was fun to see the kids dressed up and they had a blast! We did jousting practice with pool noodles, paint, stick horses and targets. We also had a capture the ring game to see who could catch the most rings on their joust and lastly we split up the party and had a nice snow ball battle. The kids had a great time! After all of the games, we headed inside for our castle feast! We served dragon toes (chicken legs), dragon nails (mac n cheese), dragon eggs (biscuits), golden nuggets (corn on the cob), canon balls (cheese balls), sword in the stone (cheese and crackers with a sword), royal jewels (fruit) and royal punch. It was fun! All of the kids had fun and Preston absolutely loved every minute of it! Happy 5th birthday Sir Preston! We look forward to celebrating you for many years to come! We love you sweet boy!
Good morning birthday boy!

Sweet girl

Welcome to The Mota Castle

Let's joust

Happy boy, got his castle

I think he's having a good day!

Such a stud

My boys-the best looking knights ever

They love a good sword fight

Occasionally mommy gets involved-we had to slay the dragon

Love my big boy!

Dallas World Aquarium with my beautiful children

Shark tank!

Love my family

Selfie with our boy

5 years old! Hard to believe!

Ahhhh Shark!

If you look real close you'll see a jaguar behind Preston and Kelsey

Super excited about more presents

Sweet hugs

Happy birthday to Preston!

Wish BIG sweet boy!

Play time with daddy

Ready for the party- The draw bridge

Our feast is awaiting our royal guests

Sir Preston

The Sword in the Stone

Canon Balls

Royal Jewels


Gift table

Red carpet entry

Our little Princess and Knight


Our brave knight

Sweet princesses Lillie Grace and Kelsey

Princess Sloane (she has a crush on Preston, says, "he's dreamy!"

Gara and princess Lillie Grace

Good buddies/neighbors Preston and Pierce

Macsen, Preston and Pierce

Preston and Luke

Sir Preston ready for battle

Preston and Papa

Princesses at play

Our littlest princess Vivian

Pretty little Princesses

Time for battle

left to right: Maris, Duece, Jordan, Gianna, Sloane, Pierce, Luke,
Solomon, Kelsey, Preston, Macsen, Shepard and Anabelle

Developing their plan of attack

Get em!

It was a serious battle

Lots of fun

Snow in the hot sun=awesome

Jousting time

Little Princesses at play

Going for the win

Sweet Princess Kelsey

Photo opp with daddy

Our little stud


Time for our feast

Jordan, Preston and Gianna

Lillie Grace, Anabelle, Collins, Shepard and Sloane

Solomon, Duece, Macsen and Lillie Grace

Maris, Pierce and Solomon

Happy birthday to you!

May all your wishes come true Preston!

Sir Preston and Princess Kelsey

Such a fun party

Neighbors! LG, Kels, Pierce and Preston

Time to open gifts!

Kels and LG little princesses

Sweet neighbors/friends
The last few standing- Clayton (Gara & kids not shown),
Papa (Mimi not shown), Ina (Leo not shown),
Vivi, Uncle Gene and Aunt Steph