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Monday, October 25, 2010

Congratulations Z and Nikki!

Steve's best friend Z recently got engaged to his wonderful girlfriend Nikki. We are super excited for them and got to share in a celebratory dinner at Nikki's parents house last weekend. Steve will be Z's best man, so bachelor party planning has begun. These two make such a wonderful couple and we are super excited to share in their wedding and celebrations to come!

Preston Meets Mom's Coworkers

Some of my wonderful co-workers decided to come over for a quick visit and to meet little Preston. Ashley, Katie, Lauren and Rory made their way up to McKinney for a fun little visit. Preston slept through the most of the visit, but we still managed to get a couple of photos with his eyes barely open! =) Maybe next time we'll get him smiling too!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

It's finally Fall and we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and Steve's day off and head to the pumkin patch. We had some great photo opps, although Preston decided to sleep through most. =) Sleeping or not, we still felt like we got some great pics of our lil punkin!

Nana's Birthday

Last weekend we took Preston on his first road trip to Mineral Wells to celebrate his nana's birthday! He did great on the road, he slept the whole way. We got there and headed to dinner with some of mom's friends. Everyone gave her gag gifts, so we had to give the obvious and stock her up with A&M gear. Later that night Drew, Shelly, Riley and Kaylin joined us and we got to spend some good time with the family Sunday. The kiddos just love their little cousin. Its so much fun to watch them! It'll be great to watch them all grow up together!! Sunday afternoon we took Preston up to the nursing home to meet his great grandmother. It was a pretty special moment. Although grandma has alzheimers, she was able to look at Prestn and actually said, "he's precious". She doesn't say many things, so that was pretty special. Preston will never know grandma the way we do, but I will definitely make sure he knows what an incredible woman and grandma she was! All in all it was a great weekend with family! We are so blessed and Preston has no idea how much he is loved!!

Lunch with Friends

Last weekend we had the chance to meet up with some good friends of mine that I used to work with. We met up for lunch so Preston could meet Dawn, Amanda and Jodi. It was so fun showing him off and getting a chance to hang with the girls for a while!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Preston Meets Baby Kate

Last weekend we had some of our best friends come visit us from Oklahoma City with their new addition. Ashley and Kyle brought their 3 month old Kate to our house for a weekend visit full of fun and babies!! It was quite a different visit than we'd ever had. We have been great friends since college, so we've shared many good times, but this was definitely a first! It was hard to imagine what this weekend would be like since we both have babies now, but it was awesome! It far exceeded my expectations. Both babies were so well behaved and just brought so much joy to our house! Preston and his first little girlfriend Kate watched Baby Einstein together, played on the playmat together and went on a fun little stroll to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was so much fun! Ashley and I enjoyed taking pictures all weekend of our sweet babies. They are just the cutest! The boys had fun grilling out and watching football. It was OU/TX weekend and our weekend was that much more special because OU won!! What a fun visit. It is going to be so much fun watching these two grow up together!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Preston is 1 Month Old!

Hard to believe that our little boy is already a month old! Time really does fly by when you are having fun! It has been such an amazing adventure so far! So many good times already. I can only imagine the good times to come! We have taken so many pictures in the last month it is hard to pick the few to post, but here are a few.

In Preston's first month he...
-Is eating a lot! He is taking approximately 4oz at each feeding which is every 2-3 hours. He's a growing boy!
-Is sleeping really well (knock on wood). He is taking a feeding around 10pm, then waking around 2ish and waking up again around 6am. This is working out great because Stephen and I are up already for the 10 and 6 feedings, so it's only 1 additional feeding. I will be honest and say that this doesn't happen every night, but we are getting there. =)
- Starting to hold his head up. He is such a strong little guy and is already amazing us with his neck strength.
-Started smiling!! The first smile we got was after I sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Daddy and I were both sitting on the sofa playing with him and he gave us his first smile. =) Now we get pretty good reactions during all of our play times.
- Started outgrowing his newborn clothes! People weren't kidding when they told us he would outgrow them fast. He's only worn most of his newborn clothes once and only our favorites twice! He's a little spoiled! ;)
- Started grabbing onto my shirt when I feed him. It's precious!!
- Almost rolled over. He got a good push and ended up on his side. We were pretty impressed with the little guy!
- Met his miracle makers. We took him in to meet his doctors that we grew so close to over this last year. It was super neat to see them and get to take pictures of little Preston with them!
-Is super alert! He will follow sounds with his eyes and get excited when we play with certain toys with him. He likes toys that light up and make noise. So fun!
- Started to LOVE bathtime! He gets so excited when we put him in. We sing "Splish Splash and make a big mess, but it's so much fun!
- Has moved out of mommy and daddys room. We are taking baby steps and have moved Preston to the study downstairs to get used to him being out of our room, but not quite taking the jump to upstairs. He's done really well with the transition, in fact I think he's done better than mommy. ;)
- Watched his first Texas A&M game with daddy. We played OSU and it was a great game. Unfortunately we lost, but the boys looked great decked out in their A&M gear! Gig em Aggies!
-Taken on a couple of nicknames...I like to call him little Bear and at times we also call him little P. I'm sure eventually we'll have to stop referring to him as little, as i'm sure he'll be a very BIG guy, but for now it works and it's cute!
All in all we have had such an amazing first month. There are too many wonderful moments to capture them all, but this outlines a few. It's hard to believe how quickly you can fall completely in love with someone, but we have! Little Preston has filled our hearts and we can't imagine life without him! What a little stud!