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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Last Couple of Months

We have been so busy having FUN, I haven't made much time to keep up with Preston and Kelsey's "Ages & Stages updates" as I like to call them. So here are a bunch of fun pictures I've managed to capture over the last couple of months of our precious family. They are both growing so quickly! Preston is four and Kelsey is now 15 months! They say, "Trust me friends, time goes faster than you think...don't blink" and I can totally relate! I remember when Preston was just beginning to become independent and not need his mommy or daddy quite as much. Now, he's such a big boy and Kelsey is gaining her independence! I can't believe my baby girl is climbing ladders to the swing set on her own, saying several words, getting her big molars in and wanting to do everything brother does. And Preston, he is learning how to swim, taking such good care of his sister (had someone just the other day compliment him on how protective he was of her), has told me on more than one occasion he wants some alone time to play, brushes his teeth and gets ready by himself and is learning to read! These kids constantly amaze me and I couldn't be more proud of the little family we have. I thank God each and every morning morning for blessing my life so abundantly. Life is SO good right now! I don't want to blink, because I really don't want this time to fly by!
Waving- says Hi and By-bye

Preston with his turtle he found

Up close on our little turtle

Wrestling with big brother

Still dressing up

And Kelsey is following in his footsteps- A girl needs to accessorize!

Preston's fun run he had at school

We made signs to cheer him on

Preston's class

Kelsey's proud of big brother

Kelsey coloring magazines

Big hugs!

Renaissance Festival

My little Knight and Fairy

Pumped to meet REAL knights!

Preston taking sis for a ride

PReston and friends getting snow cones (Solomon, Luke, Macsen and Preston)

More of Preston's friends getting snow cones

Kids at the Arboretum

Sweet kids

My handsome boy


Preston and a giant ant

My little birdies

Fearless little one

Cowboy in daddys boots

Cousins quick visit

Sweet cousins

Kinley and Kelsey matching

My little Knight playing with his castle

A night out with my hubby

Cinco de Mayo fun

Thinks this doll wagon is for her

LOVES to talk on mommy's phone


Daddy's home!

Tired lil knight

Playing on the playground like a big girl


Sliding with brother

Too cute

Hanging outside enjoying the sunshine

My snuggle bug

More please!

Silly boys (Pierce and Preston)


Petting Izzy

Preston and Pierce growing beards

Sassy little bit

My handsome hubby!