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Friday, September 19, 2014

Preston is 4 Years Old!

Our big boy turned 4 last month! We had quite the celebration. His actual birthday was during the week, so Stephen took the day off and we celebrated Preston all day. We started with a decorated house for him to wake up to and kolaches. He opened a few gifts that morning. Then we got ready and went to GattiTown (one of Preston's favorite places). We ate pizza, watched Frozen and played lots of fun games. After GattiTown we drove over to Grapevine for more fun at LegoLand (another one of Preston's favorites). He always has a good time there and this time he was tall enough to drive the cars, he thought that was pretty cool! After a fun filled afternoon playing with Legos, we went to dinner at Rainforest Cafe. After a good meal, some singing, playing with animals and a delicious volcano dessert, we headed home for more gifts and cake. I this this kid had quite the birthday!

That weekend, Preston had decided that he didn't want a party with all of his friends this year, instead, he wanted the family to go Medieval Times (another favorite). We had the family over here for some fun knight games (decorate your shield, pin the mustache on the knight and some sword fighting), cake and gifts. After we spoiled our boy rotten, we headed to Medieval Times for dinner and the Tournament. We were fans of the Blue Knight, who actually won the battle. They announced Preston's name there and brought him another cake and candle to blow out. He was on top of the world. It was a great birthday shared with our wonderful family!  Happy birthday big boy! Here's to another fantastic year watching you grow up to be the incredible lil man you are! We love you with all our hearts!
My how time flies!

I think mom and dad went overboard!

Birthday boy waking up


SO excited

My world

Time for a selfie

Us with our birthday boy!

Time for GattiTown

Riding on the boat

He had so much fun!

More fun at LegoLand

4D Lego movie

The girls

Driving with the BIG kids!

More Lego fun

Racing the car he and daddy built (Preston won)

Such a good baby sister

So happy for her big brother

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe

This kid likes to perform!

Photo opp with the tigers

Fun day!

Time for presents

And a mini cake

Our big 4 year old!

Playing with daddy

Loves his daddy!!

and his new pirate ship!

Ending a super fun birthday with smores

Birthday PARTY day!

Designing our shields

So fun

Pretty cool shield

Knight Nana and Sir Preston

Knight Kelsey

Knights Papa, Mimi, Aunt Steph, Uncle Gene and Sir Preston!

KNights mommy and daddy with our handsome Prince

Game time

Wish BIG

Kelsey loving time with her daddy

Awesome presents from our awesome guests!

Time for Medieval Times!

He couldn't be more excited!

Birthday boy with Nana and Mimi

The Medieval Times crew

Cheering on the blue Knight


Trying a crown on baby sister

We WON!!

Picture with the King and Queen

A REAL knight!

AND he's crashed! What a fantastic birthday!!