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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Chevy Chase Vacation

Last weekend we headed southbound 35 to our old stomping grounds. We left on Thursday afternoon and made pretty good time to San Antonio. Then the fun began...We woke up to terrible storms Friday (so much for our nice day at the pool). Then we realized Preston had a little rash so we had to take him to the clinic (turned out to be nothing big). Then we decided to go eat at El Chaparral since we couldn't go swimming, which was delicious. That afternoon we hung out, played Spades with mom and Ed, had dinner with Max and Denalyn, made smores and watched Wreck it Ralph in a conference room (the outdoor movie was rained out). That evening is when the real comedy kicked in. Drew and Shelly and the kids arrived and the valet wrecked their car (all turned out fine, but comical none-the-less). We all went to bed pretty early so we could get an early start Saturday. About 3am we had a rude awakening of a fire alarm and a woman saying, "May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please...." essentially we were supposed to evacuate into the pouring rain due to a fire! The alarm was false, but they proceeded to go off for the next 3 hours! hahaha We couldn't do much more than laugh at this point! Luckily, Preston slept through the whole thing.

Saturday morning we woke up to find out our surf lessons had been cancelled due to rain. Oh well, we weren't going to let this weather get us down, we were heading to Sea World! And then our luck took a little bit of a turn for the better. We got to Sea World and there really weren't many people there. It was overcast, so not too hot and very few lines. We had such a fun filled day at Sea World. Everyone had a different favorite from the day. Steve and I liked the ski show (super cool), Drew, mom and Riley liked the Dolphin show (also very cool), Ed liked the Sea Lion Show, Mom liked dining with Shamu, Preston and Kaylin liked the penguins and Shelly liked the firework show. It was such a great day, that made up for all the craziness the day before! The kids were exhausted by the end of the day, but they were all troopers and we had no breakdowns after 12 hours at the park with 4 kids. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Sunday we decided to have a low key day at the hotel. The Hyatt Hill Country Resort is such a great family destination! We played in the pools all day. The kids had fun and we enjoyed the lazy river and the sand beach. Preston loved making sand castles and playing with his cousins!

All in all it was a super fun weekend! We enjoyed all the time we got to share with family! We made some more great memories!
 Sweet Kinley
 Preston watching movies while it rains
 Kids table
 Headed to Sea World
 We're here!!

 Fun with Nana
 Awesome ski show!

 Preston loving some cousin time!

 Bubble guns from Nana, these were a hit!

 Two of the kiddos crashed out!
 The fam
 Mom and her friend Ed
 Still having so much fun!

 Surfing on Sunday

Monday, May 20, 2013

Cherokee Creek Music Festival

Last weekend we took a little road trip with Steph and Gene down to Cherokee, TX where we enjoyed a nice weekend at the music festival. We rented an RV and camped out for a couple of days, all while listening to great music, enjoying the beautiful scenery and eating a lot of great food! We met one of Steph's good friends and her family there, so nice to catch up with them.
The bands we saw include: Joan Osbourne, Dwight Yoakam, Jimmy LaFave, Craig Fuller, Donavan Frankenreiter (so good), Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Indigo Girls and Marc Cohn (and more). Lots of fun had by all!