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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preston is 4 Months Old!

Such a little stud
I wake up so happy!
Lovin play time!
Hangin in my Bumbo
Such a cutie
Wakin up from a nap
Playing in my wagon
Sweet sweet baby!
Too cute
I can hold my own bottle!
Playing with daddy, he's so funny!

Check out my belly!
Yummy sweet potatoes

Our little man is getting so big! At his 4 month check up he weighed in at 15lbs 15oz (almost 16 pounds)! He is 25" long. Its hard to believe how quickly he's growing, but its so much fun to watch all of his milestones. He does something or discovers something new everyday. Its awesome! Lately Preston has:
-Starting eating solid foods (see previous post)
-Celebrated his first Christmas
-Started enjoying his Bumbo (little chair he can sit in)
-Is enjoying tumnmy time more and pushes up on his arms very well
-Loves his jumparoo
-Is still fasinated with his hands
-Can hold his own bottle
-Definitely recognizes mommy and daddy and our voices
-Smiles are bigger and brighter than ever
-Loves play time
-Enjoys singing songs
-Has started laughing a lot!
-He loves to be tickled and really gets to giggling

Everyday gets more and more enjoyable with our little man! We continue to be so grateful for the wonderful blessing we've been given!

Our Big Boy is Eating Solid Foods

At Preston's last appointment we were told we could start Preston on cereal and veggies. He has done pretty well with them so far! Although, he has given us some pretty good expressions that we had to capture here! His faces are hysterical. He has finished all of his servings despite some of his faces. So far Preston has enjoyed, cereal, sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, carrots and peas. He's such a good little boy! I'm so proud of him for enjoying his veggies! We also tried out his high chair for the first time. It's still a little too big for him (especially with the tray), but it does the trick. Fruit is up next, probably next week. Woohoo, I can't wait. I know he'll enjoy those!

Preston's 1st Christmas

Ready for Christmas Eve Service
Grandma and Grandpa Mota
Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene
All of our fun Christmas cards
Coming downstairs to see what Santa brought!
LOOK Preston! So exciting!
Playing with his new toys
Look at all those goodies from Santa!
I love tissue paper!
Fun top from grandma and grandpa
Preston in his new lil wagon from gma and gpa
Preston in his Peace onesie from Aunt Steph & Uncle Gene
My stud hubby entertaining us with his new amp/pick-up
Baby it's cold outside!
The Boys bundled
The girls snuggled

Preston had a great 1st Christmas this year! We celebrated Christmas Eve at Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene's and then went to a beautiful Christmas Eve service which was Preston's first candlelight service. He was so good! =) That night Preston slept so well as Santa dropped off all kinds of goodies for him!

Daddy and I were super excited for Preston to wake up to see all of the fun stuff Santa brought, but our little man had plans to sleep in. ;) He finally woke up around 10 and we got to bring him downstairs to see all of the good stuff Santa brought him. He must've been a really good boy, because he got lots for a 4 month old. Preston also opened his gifts from mommy and daddy. He really enjoyed the tissue paper. haha

At noon Stephen's family joined us at our house for a delicious meal and more gifts! I tell you, we are very blessed! That evening we started our outdoor fireplace and roasted marshmallows for some delicious smores. It was a chilly evening, so we all bundled up to spend some time outside. Stephen had been wanting to smoke some cigars in honor of his little boy being born and we hadn't done that yet, so we used this as an opportunity to do so. Everyone indulged! It was lots of fun. A great 1st Christmas for little Preston, even though he doesn't even realize it yet!

Christmas Party

We got to have a little adult fun one night as we attended a fun Christmas party. Everyone was supposed to wear Santa hats, but when Stephen and I showed up and we were the only ones wearing ours, we figured it was time to take them off. =) We had fun catching up with Steve's best friend Z and his fiance Nikki. Turns out Nikki and I have similar taste in clothes, yip, we both decided to wear the same shirt that night haha! Lots of fun had by all!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preston Meets Santa

Love love love this pic!
Preston's first official picture with Santa Claus

Gingerbread city
Our lil family at the train exhibit
My boys in the trains exhibit
My handsome boy
We wore him out!
Last night we went to North Park Mall for all of the fun festivities they have going on and to introduce Preston to the REAL Santa! It was so much fun! The mall was decorated so nicely for the holidays with Santa reindeer, trees lit everywhere, gingerbread houses, trains and of course Santa! Preston was such a trooper. He hung in line for about 20 minutes and finally met Santa. He could not have been more happy and excited! We were thrilled with the picture we got!! After visiting Santa we cruised the mall for a while. Preston loved seeing all of the lights and hearing the Christmas music. We also stopped at the train exhibit benefiting the Ronald McDonald house, which was really nice and fun to watch Preston watch the trains go by. We also started a new family tradition...we adopted our first angel. It is so sad to know that there are families out there who cannot celebrate Christmas the way we can, so we decided to start giving back. We hope to adopt a little boy Preston's age every year and make sure he has what he needs to celebrate Christmas. This year we will be adopting a little boy who needs a winter coat. It is a great feeling to be able to give to someone who truly needs it! It was a great evening that really got us in the spirit of Christmas!