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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preston is 4 Months Old!

Such a little stud
I wake up so happy!
Lovin play time!
Hangin in my Bumbo
Such a cutie
Wakin up from a nap
Playing in my wagon
Sweet sweet baby!
Too cute
I can hold my own bottle!
Playing with daddy, he's so funny!

Check out my belly!
Yummy sweet potatoes

Our little man is getting so big! At his 4 month check up he weighed in at 15lbs 15oz (almost 16 pounds)! He is 25" long. Its hard to believe how quickly he's growing, but its so much fun to watch all of his milestones. He does something or discovers something new everyday. Its awesome! Lately Preston has:
-Starting eating solid foods (see previous post)
-Celebrated his first Christmas
-Started enjoying his Bumbo (little chair he can sit in)
-Is enjoying tumnmy time more and pushes up on his arms very well
-Loves his jumparoo
-Is still fasinated with his hands
-Can hold his own bottle
-Definitely recognizes mommy and daddy and our voices
-Smiles are bigger and brighter than ever
-Loves play time
-Enjoys singing songs
-Has started laughing a lot!
-He loves to be tickled and really gets to giggling

Everyday gets more and more enjoyable with our little man! We continue to be so grateful for the wonderful blessing we've been given!