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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kelsey is 6 Months old and Preston will be 4 next week!

Completely unbelievable that my kiddos are already 6 months and I'm planning a 4 year old birthday party! These past 6 months have absolutely FLOWN by! They tell you, "Don't blink, or they'll grow up!" And boy are they right! These past 6 months have been such an incredible blessing for me! I have had the privilege of becoming a stay at home mom, spending each day with my wonderful children, not missing a single "first" of Kelsey's and getting to spend the last summer with my big boy before he starts Pre-K! It has been a dream come true! I am so thankful to my incredible hubby for allowing me to have this precious time with our kids. Since I get to spend so much time with them, I am able to capture all of the things they do each and every day. Kelsey is our little roly poly! She has gotten to where she can maneuver herself pretty much anywhere, by rolling. She's not quite crawling, but can spin on that little belly to get anything around her. She is picking up and playing with her little toys, trying to crawl (I'm thinking next month), and almost sitting without assistance. She can sit for a little while, but then she tumbles over. She is such an incredibly happy baby! She is always smiling and laughing, especially at her daddy and brother. I think they are her favorite boys in the world (mine too, girls got good taste)! Preston still enjoys dressing up as a knight, wizard, ninja turtle, super hero, you name it! He is very excited about Halloween! I think that might be his favorite holiday. He can't wait to dress up like a Pirate (yes, he's already picked his costume and wants Kelsey to be a Pirate Princess and mom and dad to be pirates as well...stay tuned). He has also really gotten into Legos and building things. He can sit for hours and build with such a vivid imagination! He is also very musical! He picks up lyrics like nobody I've ever known. After hearing the first couple of notes in a song, (particularly Disney songs) he can tell you what movie its from and knows most of the lyrics. He's really amazing! He LOVES getting to go to Mimi and Papas every Monday, its his special time with them and he truly treasures it and looks forward to each week. He is getting ready to turn 4 and start Pre-K. He is going to be attending Sunshine Kids at First Methodist Stonebridge, 3 days a week from 9am-2pm. I am already getting sad that my time with him home will be decreasing. We have really enjoyed our time together, at home these last few months! He absolutely LOVES when daddy gets home! He gets to wrestle, fight, show off his tricks and really just spend some good quality guy time with his awesome dad! My heart overflows with love for these two and for my amazing husband. So incredibly grateful for such blessings in my life!
6 Months Old!

Playing with Pinkie

My Aggie Boys

Lovin her bunny

Laughing at brother

Toys Toys Toys

Brother showing sister how to build with her blocks

Sleeping Beauty

Preston doing magic tricks for us

Teaching sister how to army crawl


Loves his snacks

Playing trains

Preston's favorite place to eat-Gatti Town

Fun in the ball pit

Showing us how its done

Little princess

Yummy Snow cones

Play time with daddy at the park

Love this little face

Ready to go

Being silly

Enjoying an outing to Barnes and Noble

Little stud on the carousel

The ole' hose trick with dad

Daddy got him back!

Uh-oh, its on!

Us girls just watching those silly boys get wet

Littlest love

Holds her lil feet

Girl cousins

My super handsome boy

Roly Poly

So proud

This girl doesn't miss a meal

One of his favorite places to nap-the media room

She LOVES bath time

Just like her brother

Teaching Kelsey "lessons"

Playing with his castle

Sweet Pea
Day at the park

Ready to play

Trying to crawl

Loves playing with pillows

And building forts

Fun in the fort

Pretty lil girlie girl

Acting silly

Getting big-school desk from Aunt Gloria

Snuggling on mommy daddy's bed

Serious about his Lego time

Snuggles with daddy

Sitting up!

Giggles with brother

How sweet are these two

So much love in these pictures

He's getting big

Still trying to teach sister to crawl

Sweet smiles

Can't believe he's so big

Picking up her own toys

Our lil wizard

Snuggling with his stuffed animals

Woohoo, what a great 6 months!