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Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Vacay 2014!

Last month we went on a fabulous family vacation with my family. We went to Cabo San Lucas and had a wonderful time! Below is a snapshot of our super fun vacation!

We decided to cut down on the fly time and fly out of Houston, so we decided to have a little fun while we were there. We took the kids to NASA. Preston thought it was pretty neat and mommy and daddy were also pretty impressed. I think our favorite was the rocket, unbelievably HUGE! We spent the night in a hotel there and woke up bright and early the next morning to fly to Cabo!

Monday was a travel day. When the plane landed in Cabo Preston yelled, "It's party time!" The whole plane started laughing. That's our boy! As with most vacations, there's always delays and trouble with rooms with a group this big. So it took a while to get our rooms ready, so the kids played for a while in the lobby (haha). We finally got our rooms and were able to go down to the beach and get our toes in the sand. We stayed at Hotel Del Palmar which was a very nice resort, right on the water and lots of great amenities. That night we had dinner and did some walking around to find a good tequila tasting. We bought some delicious vanilla tequila!

Kelsey's 1st airplane ride
"It's Party Time!"
Our resort- Hotel Del Palmar


Excited to be here

Duck faces!

Beach time!

Good lookin bunch!

Family in Cabo

So pretty

The girls

My boys

Waves crashing on feet

Good lookin guys

This was one of my favorite days! We started the morning out going to breakfast and getting a tour of the resort (which was a sales pitch for a time share). It took longer than we expected, but it was fine and mom ended up getting a time share, so we were all excited about the idea of going back! While mom was doing all of that, Drew, Shelly, Steve and I took the kids to the pool. We hung at the pool/beach ALL day! It was awesome! There was a little kiddie pool that was perfectly positioned next to the bar. The kids could play, the adults could stay cool and easily get our bartenders attention by yelling "Jose!" He would bring us a round without even asking what we needed, he was fantastic! We had a great time and the kids did too! That night we had dinner at the hotel where they had a little show. Preston was so excited without even anyobne asking him, he asked if he could go on stage and dance! He got up on stage before the show started and rallied the crowd. =) He was so cute, such a good lil dancer, I think he takes after his momma! ;)

On our tour of the resort

Kinley checking on her baby cousin

Big boy

My loves


The guys

The girls

Sweet cheeks

Napping pool side

Handsome hubs

Fun with cousins

Crashed cutie

Nana and David

Happy girl

Water monster

Hanging with big cousin Riley

Our lil bartender

Eating pizza in the COOL

My lil water baby playing with Aunt Shelly


Awesome kids!


The Workman's

Preston's photo bomb

Good times

Havin fun

Playing in the sand

Preston and Kaylin

Beach time

Nana and Kinley

Dance party

Don't know where he gets his moves



Kinley joined the fun

They look choreographed

Too much!

LOVE him

Such a big stage

Takes a bow and received quite the applause

Wednesday morning we woke up and went and made arrangements for some fun excursions for the remainder of the week. After making plans we spent most of the day at the beach. Preston loved playing in the sand! The water there was beautiful and the views were breathtaking! Since mom bought a timeshare, our rooms were upgraded and we got a fantastic room with a hot tub on our balcony and a fantastic view! That evening we boarded a "real" pirate ship! Preston thought this was the neatest thing EVER! There were "real" pirates on board that greeted us and put on a great show. The boat also took us around Arco, the famous arch in Cabo, which was pretty. Despite a little father/son sea sickness, we had a good time and they were able to snap out of it and have a good time! This was Preston's favorite part of the trip!

Sweet Nana

My lil Beach babe

Our crew

Iguana we saw walking by the pool

Our set up on the beach

Fun in the sand

More pool fun

Ship time


Our pirate ship

The crew

Good times

Nana and David

Kaylin and Riley

My girl and I

The big kids

My boy and I

Drew and Kaylin on deck

Kelsey and Nana

Family fun

My cute kiddos

In awe


The full group

Sea Lions

Manta Ray Jumping

Our resort from boat


Sweet boy getting a little "boat sick"

Show begins

Starting to feel better-dancing on stage

Fun with balloon sword


Drew climbing the boat

Drew and Shelly

Fun fun!

Lovin it

Pirates are SO COOL

Cutie with nana

Show continues with sword fights

Preston thought it was AWESOME

Picture with a real pirate and treasure!

Our ship from the shore

Thursday was full of activities. We woke up in the morning and went to swim with the dolphins. Preston and Kinley weren't old enough to do the actual swimming, so we took them to do the encounter, which was very cool! The kids loved it! Drew, Shelly and the bigger kids did the actual swimming in a different pool, so we didn't get pics of them. After our fun encounter, we went back to the hotel for a quick lunch on a pirate ship and then we headed to go horseback riding. I think the combination of the heat and no nap, but once we arrived at the site to go horseback riding, Preston just wanted to look at the animals at the Mexico Farm and not ride horses. Steve and I both got on for a bit, but didn't make it to the beach. Oh well, next time! That night we decided to go have some sushi with Drew and Shelly and the kids. It was a fun night and we were so proud of our exhausted kiddos that were so well behaved! We came back to the hotel, put the kids down and Steve and I popped a bottle of champagne and hung in the hot nice!
Beautiful sunrise

Our view from the balcony

My girl

Nana showing Kels the fish tank


Excited to meet dolphins

Titan was our dolphin

Kinley giving kisses

Preston getting kisses

Daddy getting kisses

All of us with Titan

The 3 of us with Titan

Kelsey waiting with Nana...crashed

Feels so good to be in the AC

My lil pirate

Boys playing on pirate ship

Hot lil boy

Going to ride horses


Cheers! Coco the donkey

Preston loved this lil puppy

Our horses

Short ride

Preston and his horse

Back for some pool time

Me and my girl

Mom and her friend David

Mom. Kels and I (3 generations)

Dancin on stage

My loves

Our family

The Workman's

My cool kid

Preston took a group photo at sushi

More pirate ship fun

Friday, Drew, Riley and David went deep sea fishing and we went and ate breakfast at our place that we'd eaten at every morning. It was a nice little buffet on the beach, great way to start each day. After that we went and painted some ceramics on the beach. Mom had wanted to do this with the kids all week, so we all had fun making our pottery. After that we hit up the mall for some quick souvenirs and then went to eat lunch at Cabo Wabo. They make a killer margarita...delicious! After that we went back to the hotel, put kids down for a nap, met up with the rest of the crew and while mom watched the sleeping babies we took Riley down to the beach. We had a good time! A little while later we went back up and got Kaylin and got her hair braided. We all got to spend a little more time at the pool/beach and then we went to the show that night for a little 80's theme and then Steve and I took the kids for a little Italian dinner. It was nice and right on the beach.
Our awesome view

Nana playing with Kels

Sweet girl in big girl high chair

Painting a lizard

lovin it

Kaylin painting a fish

At the painting booth

Kinley painting her face

Nana painting a creamer dish

Preston's selfie

Aunt Shelly's bowl

Nana having a ball

My Tortuga

Nana and her girls

My beautiful girlie

Let's eat!

Cheers the Waborita

She LOVES her daddy

Our little family

My lil stud!

Fun with our boy

Someones getting sleepy


Riley boy on the beach

Hittin the waves with Uncle Steve

Such beautiful beaches


Toes in the water


Kaylin's braids

Mom and I sittin on the beach

Lookin for sea shells

Thank you Nana!


My love!

Saturday it was time to come home! Unfortunately, none of us were ready. We packed up our stuff and then went around teh resort, for some last minute pics and got to take Kelsey's 5 month pictures there since she turned 5 months on the trip. After a long morning of airports and customs, we had to drive back from Houston. It wasn't a bad drive, we made it home and CRASHED! It was a fantastic trip! I can't wait to go back!!
Us girls

Good lookin kiddos

Kids on the beach (with the sea shell Preston found)

Love these kids with all my heart!

My world

The whale slide at the pool

Good lookin daddy
Family selfie

Feeding the birds

5 months old in Cabo!

Kelsey and Nana
Last mimosa before we head out
Boys on the trolley

One more visit to the pirate ship

Playing on the ship

Goodbye ship!

Loves his big cousin Riley

And his big cousin Kaylin!

Waiting on our ride to the airport

Kinley's a happy girl!

Kels is happy to be on the plane

And crashed out

It was a good trip!