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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Visit to San Antonio

Last weekend we got a chance to visit San Antonio. One of our cousins (Sara) got married, so my family all met up for another mini vacation. Mom and I drove down on Wednesday and her Shelly and I helped out with a shower Thursday morning. Shelly and I hung by the pool Thursday afternoon and then we all went to the rehearsal dinner Thursday night. Friday we took the kids to the Wax Museum and then us girls went to get our hair done. It was a scramble to the wedding, but we made it! It was a beautiful ceremony and reception! That night, we got the kids down, Nana baby sat and us big kids got to go out on the river. We hit up quite a few places, it was fun! Saturday we got up and went to Ripley's Believe it or Not and then everyone went their own ways. We stayed and did the Alamo and got to ride a boat down the river. It was neat because we got to ride the boat that was made specifically for the Spurs when they won their first championship. So it was the boat in all the parades. We had a great visit with family and Preston was thrilled to leave with a Davy Crockett hat and a Bowie knife.

Riley, Kaylin and Preston with The Last Supper

TX Heroes

Preston and the Dwarfs

Super Kids

Next President

My lil cowboy


Will Smith
A lil chat with Oprah

Front of the Alamo

Shelly and her girls

Little stud in his suit like "all the other guys"

Sara and Jeff say "I Do"


My lil princess

Good lookin boys


Our dancers

First dance

Max and Sara dance

Daddy's girl

Love these two (Preston's on the dance floor)

Girls (something tells me Kinley wasn't ready)

Looks so big

My world

Only family photo we got

silly boy

Mom and Aunt Joan

Drew and Kinley

Fun in the photo booth


My crew

My girl

Feeding the ducks

Preston and Nana

Deep talks with Uncle Drew

Measuring up to the tallest man in the world

Pat O'Briens


Not wanting anymore pictures

My loves

Make a wish

Such a happy girl

Davy Crockett

Preston's become quite the little photographer

My boys

On the Spurs boat


Bowie knife

Good ole' San Antonio