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Monday, February 28, 2011

Preston is 6 Months Old!

Should I suck on my thumb or my toe?

Preston loves to cover himself in his toys!

Snuggle time with daddy

See my 3 teeth!

My handsome boys

Laughing with mommy

Such a stud!

Love him so much!

Sweet lil smile

Eating my Puffs

My boys seeing me off to work!

My first big boy jammies

Cute outfit from Nana

Playing with the IPad (reading Toy Story)

Snug as a bug in a rug

My first Valentine- Wuvs the pup

Lovin my Nana


Playin in my jumparoo

Wow, I can't believe our little man is already 6 months old! He is really getting big! He makes us so proud everyday! In the last month he has...
- Gotten his 3rd tooth
- Decided his toes taste as good as his hands
- Started grabbing everything in sight (including our dinner plates)
- Splishes and splashes in the bathtub
- Celebrated his first Valentine's Day
- Got his first pair of big boy jammies
- Can push up on his arms and almost completely on his knees (almost crawling)
- Can almost stand up (lacks a little balance) but when put in front of a table he has the strength to stand on his own
- Can sit up by himself
- Can do what we call "back crawling" he lays on his back and pushes himself up with his feet
- Can reach for his toys and play with them
- Discovered his ears and loves playing with them
- Is wearing 9-12 month clothes
- Had his first trip to the zoo
- Had his first overnight without mommy/daddy
- Gives kisses (mommy and daddy's favorite new trick) Grabs our face, opens his mouth and pulls away leaving the best slobber you could imagine
- Loves playing in his jumparoo
- Has noticed the dogs (and is fascinated by them)
- Laughs all the time! Its precious! The best sound you'll ever hear!
- Has begun talking constantly, loves hearing his voice. He occasionally lets out a really loud scream and thinks its hilarious
- Has started playing with our IPad (we have books for him on it)
- Love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- Started eating Puffs (and thinks he's pretty big stuff when he eats them)
- Laughs and buries his head in our chest when we ask him to say "Mommy" or "Daddy"
- Continues to be the love of our life!

We are constantly amazed by our amazing lil man! He is absolutely precious and a true gift from God!


This last weekend Stephen and I took a couple of extra days off and had a little staycation. We really had a lot of fun! The first day of our staycation we took Preston to the Zoo for the first time! We really had a blast! It was a beautiful day, Preston was so happy and all of the animals were out! I think Stephen and I might have had more fun than Preston at this age, but regardless he ended the day passed out with a souvenir puppet from the gift shop!

The next day of our staycation, Stephen and I opted for some alone time. After dropping Preston off with grandma and grandpa for his first overnight stay without mommy and daddy, we headed to Grapevine and got a hotel room at the Gaylord Texan. Our plan was to get some good rest in! After visiting some of the local wineries, having dinner and hitting up the Glass Cactus we decided that the idea of relaxation was out the door! The next morning we woke up and ordered room service before heading to pick up Preston. We were tired, but we had a blast!!

Sunday night we headed over to Steph and Gene's for a fun Oscar party complete with a red carpet and Marilyn Monroe! Although we hadn't watched many of the movies, its always fun to see the dresses and see which movies we should watch! ;)

Monday was spent catching up on housework getting ready for another work week. I did get to spend extra time with Preston which was a bonus! We had a wonderful staycation! I highly recommend it for sure!!

Pops and Sheri Visit

Last week Pops (aka my dad) and Sheri came to visit and spend some time with Preston. We had a great time catching up for a few days! We managed to fit in quite a bit. We went to the outlets, had a few great meals, got in the hot tub, played some games and Preston got a chance to hang with his Pops! I think everyone had a good time! Ready for them to move closer so we can see a little more of them!