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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July

4th of July weekend started out with fun projects that Preston and I did at home. Just some paint, straws and paper and we had a pretty fun little art project! The long weekend came, and we were very grateful to have some down time as a family! We hung out most of the day Friday and then we got ready for some company. We had Steve's family over for a BBQ and randomly enough, we had an old friend from high school in town to see his sister that decided to join our festivities. Gabe used to hang out with Steve and I back in our high school days when Steve and I just started dating. It was fun catching up! We BBQ'd, shot off some little fireworks in the backyard, went to see the big McKinney fireworks display and then came back to the house for some more fun. We stayed up a little late, but it was great to have the rest of the weekend to catch up on our rest. Saturday we relaxed and played in a kiddie pool we put up in our backyard and then Sunday we went to our neighborhood pool. Preston loved playing in the water, he's getting the hang of the idea of Summer. ;) Kelsey loved just relaxing in the water, she was super cute in her lil swimsuits! A couple sun burns between Steve and I, but all in all I can say we had a great long weekend! Can't wait for 9 days of vacay next week!!
Our Firework art project

My lil firecrackers
Sweet girl

Lil Miss. Patriotic

Smoke bombs!


Everyone watching the live entertainment ;)

Its battle time


Mimi, Papa and Kelsey


My kiddos and I

"I'm proud to be an American!"


Waiting for the show

Preston hanging with his Papa

Mimi and Papa

The 4th with old friends

Our family (Kels slept through her first fireworks show)

So happy to be with Papa

My girl

Lil bathing beauty

Fun in the kiddie pool

Preston lovin the water
Taking it all in

Just chillin

Sweet lil face

1st bikini

Preston playing boat with Kelsey

Both having fun!

Showing sister the pool toys

Splashing daddy

Perot Museum

Since we weren't able to go to the Perot Museum with the family, and since we had told Preston two days in a row we were going and didn't, Steve and I decided to take him last weekend. He LOVES it, and who can blame him?! Its such a neat place. Dinosaurs, birds, animals, robots, racing a TRex, picnicing and feeding pigeons and playing in the sand and uncovering dinosaur bones. It was a super fun day with our little family. Can't wait to take Riley, Kaylin and Kinley next time they visit!