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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jimmy Buffett 2010

Pregnant and all Stephen and I decided to join the crazy Parrot Heads and hit up the Jimmy Buffett concert. One of my brands is Margaritaville, so we went with several of my coworkers. This concert is unlike any that I've ever seen! The tailgate before hand was incredible! The people watching was amazing! And, the concert was great too! We had a lot of fun and really look forward to next year when we can join in on more of the festivities! It may be 5 o'clock somehwere, but that doesn't matter when your pregnant! ;)

We're Getting a Pool!!

Yay for a new swimming pool! As if Stephen and I don't have enough going on in our life right now, we decided that now would be a great time to start contruction on a new pool! =) They started last Thursday. It's been moving really fast so far. They dug the hole in one day, came back and did the rebar the next and then did the plumbing yesterday. It is scheduled to be done by the end of June. Hopefully we keep things moving and that happens. We'll be ready for a 4th of July swimming party! WOOHOO! Here are some fun pics of contruction so far.

New Furniture

So Stephen and I decided that we wanted new living room furniture. Who knows why, maybe we are seriously nesting these days! haha Anyway we found some that we really liked and had it delivered that same week. Here is a before and after shot of our living room (the leather is the new furniture). We're excited!

Preston's Nursery

Preston's nursery is coming along slowly but surely. We got in the valance in that we ordered and daddy put that up for our lil guy. =) We also got in all of the bedding. Here's a pic of his blanket. This is the first thing we have with his name on it. SO FUN! I'm ready for the furniture to get in so we can put it all in the crib! It should be here in a few more weeks. Oh well, a little at a time, gives us something to continue looking forward to!
The pregnancy is continuing to go well. We are 25 weeks now! First week in my 3rd trimester! It's been such a fun journey, but we are definitely getting anxious for this lil guy to join our world! We had a doctors apppointment last week and our doc said all is going well, we are right on track. Lot's of fun! Our next appt (at 28 weeks) we'll have the 4D sonogram, so I will definitely be posting new images of lil Preston then. Can't wait!


Stephen and I moved into this neighborhood because we were hoping for a great neighborhood filled with kids for our little ones to one day play with. Let's just say that lil Preston is not going to have a shortage of kiddos on this block! Here are a couple of pics from a spontaneous kickball tournament the kids decided to have in our cul-de-sac using our driveway as home plate. It was lots of fun hanging outside with our great neighbors and cheering them on!

Gene's Birthday

Happy Birthday Gene! We celebrated Gene's birthday a couple weeks ago. We had a great dinner with the family and then headed back to Steph and Gene's place for yummy cake and fun gifts! It was a good time!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We are truly blessed to be able to spend Mother's Day with both of our wonderful mommas! I can't think of two women more deserving of a day of celebration in their honor! These two women have raised Stephen and I to be the people we are today and have developed a super strong foundation for us to continue growing our family on! It was so nice to go to brunch with the family and celebrate these wonderful women in our lives! After brunch at maximos we headed back to our place for some cake and gifts. Thank you both for everything you all have done for us and all that you continue to do! I can only pray that I become the mother to Preston that you all have been to us!

Even though I'm not techinically a mom yet, I did have fun getting my first Mother's Day wishes! My sweet hubby surprised me with roses and a nursery rhyme CD set that is going to be awesome when lil Preston gets here! He gave me the sweetest card that made me cry and found a super cute bag to put it in too. I love being a Mom-to-be! =) My sweet mom also gave me a lil Mother's Day gift this year. I got a cute gardening kit with a sweet card! Thank you guys! It was such a fun day! I can't help but think of all the joy this next year is going to bring and the fun we are going to have next year with lil Preston here to celebrate with us! Can't wait!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What to Name This Lil Guy?!

One of the biggest decisions to be made once we found out the sex of lil baby Mota was the name! After looking at several books and making many lists, we've decided to name our little boy...


Preston was a name that Stephen and I both liked a lot. No matter what other names we added to the list, it kept rising to the top. Preston was also the name of the ballroom that Stephen and I had our wedding reception in. In looking through our wedding pictures, we have a picture of us walking out of that room super excited to be married, surrounded by everyone we love with the name "Preston" above our heads. May have been a little foreshadowing there. =) George is a family name that we've decided to carry on. George is Stephen's dad's name as well as Stehpen's middle name. So little Preston George will follow in his daddy and grandpa's footsteps.

Ashley's Baby Shower

I am super lucky to have one of my very best friends going through this pregnancy journey at the same time I am! Ashley (one of my college roommates) is due 8 weeks before me. She is pregnant with a little girl, Kate Murphy! Last weekend I helped host a shower for Ashley, Kyle and lil Kate in Oklahoma City. We had such a good time! Gretchen and Kami (some friends from college) helped host and I have to say, I think we did a pretty good job! ;) Ashley and I couldn't get away without taking a belly pic together. Super fun!

Its always fun to head to OKC, because I get to see lots of friends from college. Stephen and I got to stay with another one of my best friends while we were in town and got some much needed time to visit with Kyle, Kristina and Awbrey as well. Kristina ran the half marathon in OKC on Sunday, so we were there to cheer her on. I was super proud to see her cross the finish line, what an accomplishment!
It was a great weekend with great friends! I miss you girls already!

Painting the Nursery

The nursery is starting to come together one little piece at a time. The latest project was painting the nursery. Since I'm not supposed to be around the fumes while pregnant, I helped Stephen tape the room and get it ready for painting and then Stephen's family came over and painted everything while I was traveling for business. Stephen, Grandma (sorry no pic captured), Grandpa, Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene all pitched in to paint baby Mota's room. A lot of love went into these walls! Thanks everyone for all of your help! I'm super excited! It looks great! =) All of the furniture we've ordered is chocolate, so I think it'll look great on these blue walls. I can't wait to see it once everything gets in!

While they all had their painting party, I was in Albuquerque, NM for work. My mom was able to go too and spend the evenings with me after I finsished. We had some good girl time and she was able to feel Baby Mota kick for the first time. =) Lots of fun and some much needed mommy daughter time! Thanks for going mom, I had fun!

Go Spurs Go!

Steve and I got to go to a Spurs vs. Mavs game not too long ago. Being from San Antonio, we are Spurs fans, but this was one series that we would've been happy either way. It was fun to see the Spurs take it though! This was baby Mota's first basketball game. I'm sure he and daddy will enjoy many more in the coming years!