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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving #1

We had our first Thanksgiving with Stephen's family at our house this year. It was fun to host! We did it all, even though it was a week early and it all turned out delicious! We enjoyed a fun day of games, music, s'mores, lots of food and laughter! Good times were had by all, we have so much to be thankful for! Preston said grace for the first time this year and I was so incredibly proud of him, he did such a great job! Kelsey had her first bites of turkey, dressing and sweet potatoes and I'm happy to say, she was a fan! Its always so much fun spending time with family and taking a moment to celebrate all of the incredible blessings we have in our lives!
Tried getting a pic of them together

Excited for a fun Thanksgiving

My family

My handsome hubby carving the turkey

Hangin with Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene

Playing with Mimi and Papa

Lookin good

Sweet boy saying our prayer

Happy to be together

Mimi and Papa

Enjoying her turkey

Big boy swinging outside on his bars

Playing on the swingset

Papa pushing PReston

Mimi and Papa lookin good

Loving those grandbabies

My little crew

Dance party

This crew has some moves ;)


He's got down his wink

Kelsey and Papa

Preston and Mimi

The dance party continues

Preston learning some moves from Mimi

Enjoying the evening

Daddy dancing with both kiddos

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

We decorated a little early this year since we will be busy the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was fun getting ready for Kelsey's 1st Christmas! She was pretty much in awe of everything we brought out! Preston was super fun this year, he was totally into it and wanted to help with everything! We played Christmas music, my mom brought some of her decorations she's not using this year, so the house really turned out to look like a Christmas wonderland. I LOVE IT! This was the kids around the fireplace and the tree as we got it assembled. Once we finished the tree, it started snowing! It was perfect! I love this time of year!! Can't wait to go through the season with my wonderful family!
Pretty lights

One excited boy

The wonder of a child

Watching brother very carefully

Having fun

Finding ornaments he remembers
Having fun with the bows

Daddy putting on the topper

Final product

Preston loves playing with the nativity scene

Preston showing Kelsey the train

Playing with the train

He loves it!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Kelsey is 9 Months old and Preston is 4!

Another month has flown by and I can't believe it! This time of year is so much fun with holidays approaching, colder weather keeping us inside for additional family/snuggle time, crockpot meals and sitting by warm fireplaces! I couldn't imagine doing these things with anyone other than my sweet hubby and my precious children! We have been super busy the last couple of months, so we have all really enjoyed staying home a bit! It's been fun preparing for Thanksgiving with the kids. Preston is beginning to really understand it this year. We've done some fun art projects together and he's told me what he's thankful for. Stephen and I both got to attend Preston's Thanksgiving Feast at school which was fun. They were super cute in their pilgrim/indian costumes! Preston is also getting very excited about Christmas and of course, SANTA! He even wrote a letter at the mall last week. We've been doing lots of looking through catalogs to get ideas. We will see where we net out. Preston finished up his t-ball season and got a medal he was very proud of. His favorite things right now are, fighting with daddy and Papa, alone time with mommy (he likes when I take him for runs with me "just the two of us"), snuggling, Izzy (his lil best friend), his polka dot lovey and giving sweet kisses and winking (he is going to be a ladies man). Kelsey is playing more and more with her toys, and walking while holding on to things like the coffee table or my leg! She is a tough lil girl too! I took her in for her flu shot and she didn't even cry! She just looked at the nurse like, "Are you kidding me, you just poked me!" Didn't shed a single tear! Our tough cookie! She is also starting to talk! She says "Dada" all the time and occasionally she will give me a "mamma". "Dada was definitely her first word! I joke that she always says "dada" when she's happy. In the sweetest little voice she says, "dada, dada, dada, dada" almost as if its a song. Then she really only says "mamma" when she's crying, its a pitiful drawn out, "mooooomaaaa!" Regardless its precious every time we hear her sweet voice! We have also heard her attempt "brother" that sounds a little more like "butter" and of course "baba". She has started eating more solids, riding in the grocery cart like a big girl, swinging on the swing set in the backyard, loves playing in the pantry and helping mommy with dishes. I love love love this stage! Her sweet giggles and snuggles, her reaching for me, her sly smirks, her sassy little personality, every bit of it I just LOVE! Preston is a really great big brother too! He told me the other day, "as Kelsey gets bigger I will start playing with her more and more". =) He is the funniest little guy I know! He talks like such a grown up sometimes. The other day he said, "Hey mom, just for the record, I love ya!" haha he's such a little stud! My favorite story recently was when I took him to the mall and as we were walking out of a store he yelled, "Those are HUGE knockers!" I was completely mortified and slowly turned to see what /who he was talking about. To my relief, I realized he was referring to two large gates that had "huge knockers" on them (see pic below). It was hilarious! I love that boy, I love our conversations, I love sharing in the holidays with him and doing fun art projects together, I love our story time every night and I love that he still loves to snuggle with mommy! We are so incredibly blessed with these two little angels, I love them with ALL MY HEART!
Our precious kiddos

9 months old



A shot and no tears, just smiles at my big brother

My sweet boy

He loves these rides

Eating more solids

Playing together

Handsome ready for his Thanksgiving Feast at school

Always playing

They LVOE when daddy gets home!

Took Preston to see Boxtrolls since he hasn't cried going to school! Big boy!

Happy girl

Last Tball game

Got his medal

Pretty proud

Preston and his best friend Izzy!

Ready to go skiing

Cutie pulling up on everything

Helping mommy with the dishes

Silly faces

He loves building forts on the sofas


Practicing skiing


Trying on her ski cap

Look at that personality!

Giggly girl

So sweet

Playing in the pantry

Ready for school pictures...STUD

Donuts before school

Bringing out the Fall wardrobe

First time riding in a grocery cart

YUMMY Ice cream



At the doc, checking herself out

Playing in the pantry (again)

Her new favorite toy from Kinley

Sweet snuggle time

Showing Kels how her toy works

Pushing sister around

Fighting with his "guys"

Karaoke time

My little singer

He's really good!!

Walking around

Sending letters to Santa

He told me what to write and then signed his own name

Proud of his letter

Signing his name

Our Turkey art project (He is thankful for: Nana, Mimi & Papa, Family, Friends, Izzy & Buddy, our house, art projects I do with mommy, the things we have, movies we have and fireplaces)

Playing at the mall

Bundled up ready to play in our first snow

Got a tummy bug, doesn't feel well ;(

"Wow, those are HUGE knockers" according to Preston

Story time with dad

Snuggle bug

Preston and Halle at their Thanksgiving Feast at school

Preston and Solomon

Fun getting to share this with him

Our little Pilgrim

Preston's class

Having so much fun

Walking with daddy through school