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Monday, November 10, 2014

Arrrrgh... 2014 Halloween Mateys!

This Halloween we had quite a few festivities. In addition to the Pumpkin patch and Halloween party, we also had a festival at Preston's school, another parade and Halloween party at his school and then finally Halloween! Its a wonder his costume held up through all of this! At his school festivals, he had a blast, playing games, trunk or treating and he got to be the leader of his Busy Bees class and carry the flag for their costume parade. He thought that was pretty fun! Nana was in town to help me with Kelsey while I helped out at Preston's festivals. The little parade was soooo cute! I started crying, can't believe Preston is so big!

He wanted to be a pirate this year and since Kelsey was too little to pick out her costume, we let Preston pick for her. He wanted her to be a pirate princess, so we all decided to be The Mota Pirate Crew! We had a lot of fun Halloween! Stephen took off that day so we had a fun filled day! We  started the day with special treats from mommy and daddy and pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Then we did a Halloween art project with Preston, then painted his smaller pumpkin like Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Then we carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, and made special Halloween treats to take to the neighbors house for the trick or treat pre-party. We kicked off the night at our neighbors for hot dogs and chili and then headed out for trick or treating! Mimi and Papa came over and did some trick or treating with us and then helped us out a little with Kelsey, she didn't want to do quite as much trick or treating as brother ;). I am pretty sure that Halloween is Preston's favorite holiday so far! Fun was had by all! It was a wonderful Halloween, looking forward to many more!
Arr Pirate

Ready to Trunk or Treat at school

Games at school

Hanging with daddy

Special treats we took to Preston's class

Preston's fun lunches the week of Halloween

I was in charge of Spider crafts at the Fall Festival

Another fun Halloween lunch

Our leader in the parade

Preston's Busy Bees class at Sunshine Kids

Preston and Nana

Aren't they cute?!

Daddy and Kelsey at the parade

Nana, Kels and Mommy excited to see Preston
Special Halloween treats for the kids

So excited

Wow, I get treats too?!

Special Halloween breakfast

Art project

Enjoying daddy's day off

Jack our pumpkin we painted
Time for the carving!

Cleaning out the goo

Our big helper

So fun

Look at our great pumpkins!
Treats for Halloween night-Witches brooms

More Halloween treats

Preston excited to get Izzy in her costume

Happy girl

Sweet Izzy
The Pirate Princesses are ready

Our pirate crew

Tough pirates

Sweet Pirate kiddos

My big boy and I

Being silly with the kids

LOVE these three pirates!

Crawling the plank
Trying to get a good pic of these two

Pretty cute

Ready for Trick or Treating

Happy First Halloween sweet girl!

Too cute

Seeing Halloween through the eyes of a child...amazing

SO excited to go get candy!

Preston and his favorite skeleton "Skeletor"
Wants to be just like brother

Kelsey and Lillie Grace

Preston and Pierce

Preston with Mimi and Papa
Sweet big brother
Trick or Treating at Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene's new house
Trick or treating with Papa

My pirate crew