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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

Every year we have a tradition to go to the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm as a family. We have gone every year since Preston was a baby. This year they moved the location, but still had a lot of the same things. The kids really enjoy feeding the animals, running through the hay maze, riding the hayride and eating hot dogs for a picnic. It was a bit toasty, but we had a great time and picked out our pumpkins to carve this year!
Kelsey enjoyed playing in the dirt

Preston enjoyed jumping over the pumpkins

A little tractor fun

Big boy driving the tractor

My pretty girl, again playing in the dirt

Mommy's boy!

My princess

Good lookin crew

Sweet face

Preston loving the hayride

Preston photo bombing mommy and daddy's pic (his new favorite game)


Love them

He gets bigger each year (I couldn't get Kelsey to stand in front of it)

She loved the hay maze though

So did Preston

Hauling our pumpkins to the car


A couple of weeks ago we took a family trip to the Arboretum with Stephen's family. Mimi, Papa, Aunt, Steph, Uncle Gene, Vivi, Leo and Inna all joined in the pumpkin adventure! They do such a nice job getting it set for the Fall. The amount of pumpkins is amazing, so major photo opportunities! The weather did not say, "Fall" quite like the decor, it was a bit warm, but never-the-less we all had a nice day! After capturing about every photo combination possible, we hit up Uncle Julio's for some much needed grub on our way home! Nice to have family close to share in these fun times!
Cute lil Pumpkins

Let the photo shoot begin

Handsome dude

Loving all these pumpkins

Vivi's 1st Arboretum visit


Already so much love

Me and my handsome hubs

Almost impossible to get a family shot

This lil one was all over the place

Papa, Preston and Daddy-what amazing guys!

Vivi holding her bottle

Daddy feeding Vivi

Sitting on a BIG pumpkin

Such a sweet boy

Love this family God gave us!

Having fun

Me and my boy

Another family photo attempt

Steph, Gene and Vivian-sweet lil family

Mimi, Papa and their 3 grand-kids!

Mimi and Papa


Playing in the fountain with daddy

Playing in the maze

Solving the world's problems

One of my favorites of the day

My favorite of these 3!

Trying to get pics of the 3 cousins wasn't easy

Group shot!

Mimi, Mommy and Kelsey

Pretty precious kiddos

Aunt Lana getting a shot with baby Vivi (and Kels)

Love these two!

Preston photo bombing mommy and daddy's pic!
One of my favorites of the cousins from the day
The whole crew ready for some food!