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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun Weekend!

This was a nice weekend at home! Saturday I went a did a little shopping with Mom Mota and Steph. We had a good time just hanging out with just the girls. Later Saturday Stephen and I decided to go buy a diaper bag that I've been looking at, I was sooo excited! =) Saturday night we went to the movies with Steph and Gene and ended the night with some delicious ice cream! YUMMY!!
Sunday was a super fun day preparing for baby Mota! Stephen and I went and registered!! We had lot's of fun, but realized quickly how exhausting it can be! We registered a Babies R Us ( and Buy Buy Baby ( Stephen even registered for his diaper bag. Kind-of fun seeing my hubby with a diaper bag in hand! We were super tired by the time we were done, but it was so much fun! We still have to go back and register for gender specific stuff once we know what it is, but got everything else on there. It gets more real and exciting everyday!! We just can't wait!!!
I am 17 weeks pregnant now and definitely showing! Here's a pic from my 17th week...I can't believe I'm posting this! haha I already feel huge and I've still got a LONG way to go!

Happy Birthday Mom Mota

It was Mom Mota's birthday last Thursday so we did some celebrating! We all went to dinner at Brio's and then ended the evening with cake and lot's of presents at the Mota's house. We are so thankful to have them so close so we can easily share in these fun celebrations! Happy Birthday Mom Mota!!

Time for Maternity Clothes!

Last week mom came to town for a quick visit. While she was here we went on a maternity shopping spree! I can no longer fit in my regular clothes, so it was time! We had so much fun buying the place out and closed down the store (no Stephen doesn't work there, they just asked him to pull the thing closed while they rang us up). Great times and now a great wardrobe for this growing belly!!

SXSW in Austin

Last weekend Stephen and I went to Austin for a big SXSW party one of my brands was sponsoring for Rachael Ray. We had such a great time! Friday night we got some time to ourselves and went to the famous Oasis for dinner. Saturady was a fun filled day at the Rachael Ray party. We got to hang in VIP with some of my other co-workers and were able to bring a few guests. Steph and Gene came down and some good friends from Austin were able to join us too. It was so much fun! Got to meet Rachael Ray, Bob Schneider, John Popper, Jakob Dylan and more. We even spotted Matthew McConaughey. Felt like a semi celeb hanging with these people! Saturday night we ended the weekend with a bang with VIP passes to the Perez Hilton party. Playing there were awesome people like Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg and Courtney Love. I was exhausted partying prego style all weekend, but it was worth it! Stephen and I enjoyed a nice relaxing day off that following Monday, which was definitely needed!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gifts for Baby Mota

So we have been really blessed with wonderful friends and family who have already started spoiling our lil Baby Mota! Not only have we gotten some special books for us to benefit from (Kris, Christie and Jill), and a super fun clock to count down until baby gets here (Steph and Gene), but we've also gotten some fun little gifts for baby that I thought I'd share...

First we got some fun stuff that will really help baby understand at an early age what college he/she might want to attend (lil beannie, pacifier holder and a piggy bank). Baby even got a piggy bank to start saving that college fund! Thanks Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene!

We also got our first burp cloths from some really sweet neighbors and baby's first shoes/slippers from one of the photographers I work with (aren't they sweet).

Its been super fun to start getting little things here and there. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the spoiling of baby Mota before baby even arrives! =)

Our First Piece of Baby Furniture

We got in our first piece of baby furniture...our bassinet! I was super excited! We had them design it with neutral colors so we can use it for more than one sex. I was really happy with how it turned out! This was also the first thing that Stephen got to put together for baby. I have some pics here of him hard at work and then the finished product. YAY for Baby Mota! =)
P.S- bedding just came out of the box so it's a little wrinkled in these pics.