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Monday, June 28, 2010

Showered with Lot's of Love!

Arriving at moms, super excited about the shower!
Stephen and I anxious to see all of our guests
Mom, Little Preston and I at the shower
Look at all those gifts! We are so blessed!
Our adorable cake
One of the two diaper cakes made for us
Let the games begin
My wonderful hostesses, mom, Carol, Karyn and Judy
Super fun gifts!
Managed to open everything!
Preston and I with his soon-to-be grandma's, aunts and cousin We have love for all the Texas schools in this family! But Preston will know that A&M is the best one!
The soon-to-be grandma's
My fashion designers/aunts
This is one of my best friends from elementary school and her mom- so surprised to see them there
My favorite niece and nephew
My sweet hubby/daddy-to-be who came at the end to help load up the gifts
This past weekend my wonderful mom and some of her friends threw me an absolutely amazing shower in Mineral Wells. These ladies went ALL OUT! I walked into the country club on Saturday and immediately felt that little Preston and I were surrounded with love and excitement. We had around 50 attendees, WAY more than anticipated. Some of these people traveled quite a distance to share in this celebration with us and it really meant a lot to have them all there! The room was decorated with "It's a Boy" banners, beautiful blue hydrangea arrangements, an adorable cake with the most precious little baby made out of icing on top, balloons, baby music playing in the background, a wonderful food spread, adorable personalized mint tins and "It's a Boy" bubble gum cigars! It was just awesome!

They had a fun memory game planned to play where my mom and my aunts dressed me up in baby gear from head to toe and I put on a fashion show for the attendees. The person who could write down the most of the accessories won a prize. It was lot's of fun! I think we might have had more fun in the back room trying to determine where these things were going to be pinned on (hence the placement of the nightlight, hat and rear view mirror).

After the fun game I proceeded to gifts. With this many attendees, you can only imagine the incredible gifts we were showered with! We got so many great things! I obviously can't name everything here, but to list a few we got, our stroller, car seat, baths, towels/washcloths, lots of blankets, moses basket, portable swing, pack-n-play, bouncing play station, vibrating/musical seat, books, toys, clothes, diaper cakes, a few adorable personalized Preston pieces including his letters for the wall and some much appreciated AGGIE and TEXAS gear to support everyone in our divided family. =)

It was amazing! I really can't thank these women enough for throwing such an amazing shower. I had such a great time!! I am beside myself and completely in awe with the showing at this shower and the incredible amount of excitement that is felt for our new little family. We could not be more excited. We have had so much fun unloading everything in Preston's nursery. This was truly a shower of love and I will never forget being showered for my first baby boy by so many wonderful people! Thanks again to everyone involved for making it so very special!!

I do want to say a special thanks to my incredible mom who did everything to make this perfect for us. I am so thankful to have you as a resource for this pregnancy and a friend to share in the excitement of it all! I love you with all my heart!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This Father's Day was extra special because we not only got to celebrate the wonderful dad's in our life, but we also got to celebrate a wonderful dad-to-be! We had a wonderful day starting off with a fun family lunch at Uncle Julios and then headed to our place for gifts, cake and some fun in the sun (and the new pool).

Funny story about the cake...I'm sure several of you took a second look at it and thought, something doesn't look quite right there. If you didn't, take another look at this pic and see if you find anything wrong with the cake. Hahaha, we definitely got some good laughs out of this one. Happy Fathday's Day! Our cute cupcake cake we ordered was totally misspelled! Oh well, the guys got the point anyway.
Stephen got his first dad-to-be card and a cute A&M onsie and booties for lil Preston. Now my boys can both sport their A&M gear while watching football this season! Lot's of fun! It was nice to have a day to celebrate Stephen. A lot of this pregnancy is about me and Stephen totally deserves a lot of credit for taking care of me these last few months! He is going to be such a great daddy. It brings me so much joy just thinking about my wonderful husband becoming a father. It's going to be awesome!
We concluded the fun day in the new pool! We had lots of fun playing games and just relaxing. It was a great day! Happy Father's Day to all the great daddys out there!

Final Stages of Pool Construction

So we finally reached the end of our pool construction. After they poured the deck we felt it was time to purchase our furniture. That was an adventure in and of itself. Trying to fit 4 lounge chairs and 2 chairs in the back of an SUV is near impossible! After Stephen and every nice man walking into the store tried to help maneuver the stuff into the car, we decided 2 trips might be the better route to take. We managed and finally got everything to the house and in the backyard. The next step was plaster, which totally changed our big hole into something that really started to look like a pool! We were very excited to see them drop the hose and begin filling our pool with water! Yes, you heard me correctly, they filled the pool with a hose! I was shocked. We went to bed that night and woke up the next morning with a pool full of water! =) We are going to have quite the water bill this month. haha After water came the landscaping. We bought 3 different palm trees (I never knew there were so many to choose from) and they began to re-sod our yard. Finally they got the chemicals straight in the pool and we were in pool business last weekend! They still have a few final touches, but we were definitely able to jump in and enjoy the pool over the hot weekend. It was wonderful!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Preston George Mota in 4D

We went to the doctor on Monday for our 4D sonogram. It was the neatest thing! It was so fun watching lil Preston move around. He didn't want to move his little arm from his face in the beginning, but he finally put on a little show for us and we got some great shots of our little boy! We are so excited! This makes it that much more real. We received a DVD as well as a CD with lots of images. We have watched the DVD everyday since we got the sonogram. It's just AMAZING! We love you already little Preston! Can't wait to hold you in my arms and kiss that sweet face!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shower Time!

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I had my very first baby shower this weekend! Some girls I used to work with got a small little group together to celebrate with Steve and I. We had so much fun! The girls brought all kinds of delicous food, we BBQd, caught up on lost time and we got some super fun gifts for baby Preston! We got his bath/shower spa, some fun bath toys, the diaper pail and some super cute clothes (as well as a cute little hat)! We had a great time! This group is so much fun. I miss them already! Thank you girls for all you did! You all truly made us feel special and we had a blast celebrating this exciting time with all of you!!