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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Preston is 5 Months Old!

Hard to believe that my lil man is already 5 months old! He is getting SO big!! In the last month he...
-Has gotten his first tooth
-Can roll over
-Loves being tickled and loves laughing
-Really enjoys his fruits and veggies
-Saw his first snow
-Starting to really enjoy snuggle time (which mommy loves)
-Loves to sing and play
-Gives us a high pitch squeal when he's having fun
-Chews on everything (including moms finger) he's bitten me pretty good a couple of times
-Laughs at mom when I try to get him to say momma, dada or Preston. =)
-Starting to pose for the camera-he puts his arm up, super cute
-Really gets around in his crib at night. We wake up to find him in all sorts of positions, including legs hanging out the side
-Loves to be with daddy-he's fascinated with him, watches his every move
-Really starting to play with his toys. Can move them from one hand to the other and will pick them up if in front of him. So fun to watch
-He's beginning to get his balance sitting up, but not quite there yet
-Enjoys hanging in his diaper (at home) we call those his Matthew McConaughey moments
-Continues to love bath time
-Continues to love playing on the floor

He's just as perfect as can be! We love him with all of hearts and continue to thank the lord for the amazing blessing we've been given!

Cory Morrow

Jonathan playing with Cory Morrow
Mom, Carole, Jonathan and I
Steve, Corry Morrow, Jonathan, Carole and I after the show
Jonathan and Carole meet Preston
Last weekend we had some friends come in town. Jonathan and his family were good family friends of ours when I was a kid. Jonathan has been in the Texas music industry for quite some time now and I think he can finally say he's "made it". He is now playing bass for Cory Morrow. We went to see his show last weekend and had a great time. Cory Morrow actually sang the song Steve and I had for our first dance at our wedding "Always and Forever". It was a great show, made even more special since Jonathan was in it! After then show Jonathan and Carole came and spent the night. They got to meet Preston which was an added bonus. =)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 6 Year Anniversary!

Stephen and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary last weekend! I can't believe how quickly these past 6 years have gone! They have truly been the best 6 years of my life! I am so incredibly grateful to have such an amazing husband and daddy for Preston! I can not even begin to imagine what these last 6 years would've been like without my sweet hubby by my side!

To celebrate our big day, we had a wonderful spa day! (Thanks babe for getting girlified for me!) It was sooooo relaxing and definitely needed for us both! Thanks to Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene, we got to spend the day just the two of us while they watched Preston. After our spa day, we went to dinner at Seasons 52. It was delicious! We had lots of fun conversation as we reminisced about the past 6 years together. After champagne, wine, port, dinner, dessert and lots of laughter it was time to head home! We do the traditional gifts each year, so this year was candy. We each got some candy (and I got some flowers) and we toasted to a wonderful day with a bottle of Veuve. Amazing day spent with an amazing man! I love you sweetheart and can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

Preston's First Snow

Last week we got our first snow of 2011 and Preston's very first snow ever! =) You wouldn't know by all the pictures we took ;) haha. We had lots of fun taking him outside, posing him for pictures and running back in to warm him up between photo opps. In total we got 5.5" of snow here in McKinney. After Preston got his fill of the snow and we got around 100 pics, Stephen and I decided to go sledding on the hill behind our house (don't worry Preston didn't sled this year). We were able to capture some pretty fun shots. All in all we had lots of fun the couple of days the snow stuck around.

Nana Time

This last week Nana (my mom) came in town to watch Preston for the week. It was so nice to have her around and fun to watch her spend some time with preston. I think they had fun together and he got just a little more spoiled (if thats possible). I didn't get many pics from the week, but got at least one (thanks Steve). Thanks again nana for coming up to watch our sweet boy! We love you!

Cotton Bowl-Gig Em Aggies!

The Fighting Texas Aggie Band!
About to score a touchdown

Stephen and I got to attend the Cotton Bowl this year to watch A&M and LSU throw down. We had incredible seats and lots of fun! We try to go to a game every year, so we managed to get one in this year. The Aggies had a fairly good season, more than we can say for the last few years, so we were excited to see them at a bowl game. Although the game did not turn out in our favor, we still had a blast! Preston didn't get to attend the game this year, but got decked out in his gear to cheer on the Aggies with grandma and grandpa Mota.

Happy New Year 2011!

Prior to party time, Preston tried out the party favors!
Some of the fun girls of Landon Lane
The men of Landon lane

Wow how quickly time flies! I can not believe I'm already blogging about 2011! 2010 was an absolutely amazing year for us. So much to be thankful for! We are looking forward to lots of fun in 2011! We definitely started it off with a good time! Around 3pm on New Years Eve Stephen and I decided to have an impromptu get together! (I'm learning this is totally our style). So we told some of our neighbors that we ran into throughout the afternoon to come by after dinner to watch the ball drop. We weren't sure if anyone would show with the late notice, but we ended up having a pretty good turnout. This was after an exciting dinner experience! We had early reservations so we could make it home in time for our guests. Well, Stephen and I invited Steph and Gene to go with us. To make a long story short, we sat at the restaurant for 2 hours before we even got a salad! We ended up having to get our food to go so we could make it home in time for people to come over. It was not ideal, but made for a good story. Stephen and I said, "If this is the worst thing that's happened to us in 2010, it's been a pretty good year!" We made it home in time to ring in the new year with some of our fun neighbors! Preston was a champ! He slept through the party, woke up for a midnight kiss from momma and daddy and went right back down for the night. It was great! He's such a little stud! Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!