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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Preston is 5 Months Old!

Hard to believe that my lil man is already 5 months old! He is getting SO big!! In the last month he...
-Has gotten his first tooth
-Can roll over
-Loves being tickled and loves laughing
-Really enjoys his fruits and veggies
-Saw his first snow
-Starting to really enjoy snuggle time (which mommy loves)
-Loves to sing and play
-Gives us a high pitch squeal when he's having fun
-Chews on everything (including moms finger) he's bitten me pretty good a couple of times
-Laughs at mom when I try to get him to say momma, dada or Preston. =)
-Starting to pose for the camera-he puts his arm up, super cute
-Really gets around in his crib at night. We wake up to find him in all sorts of positions, including legs hanging out the side
-Loves to be with daddy-he's fascinated with him, watches his every move
-Really starting to play with his toys. Can move them from one hand to the other and will pick them up if in front of him. So fun to watch
-He's beginning to get his balance sitting up, but not quite there yet
-Enjoys hanging in his diaper (at home) we call those his Matthew McConaughey moments
-Continues to love bath time
-Continues to love playing on the floor

He's just as perfect as can be! We love him with all of hearts and continue to thank the lord for the amazing blessing we've been given!