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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Disney World!

At the beginning of this month we enjoyed a super fun, family trip to the Magical world of Disney! We started our adventure with twelve of us in our group! Nana, Drew, Shelly, Mimi, Papa, Riley, Kaylin, Kinley, Preston, Kelsey, Steve and I! The flight over there was a little long, Kelsey cried almost the entire flight, I think her little ears were bothering her! Once we arrived, Kelsey and daddy quickly fell asleep on the shuttle! We checked into our hotel at the Grand Floridian Resort which was an amazing hotel! We absolutely LOVED it! Live music was playing on the piano upon arrival and a jazz band was playing later that afternoon. We enjoyed a nice dinner at the hotel and got everyone ready for bed for a fun day ahead.

Day 1: Magic Kingdom
Our first day at Magic Kingdom was just that, MAGICAL! We had so much fun! Our first ride was It's a Small World (Nana and Mimi's favorite ride). After that we headed to Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and then had lunch at the Beasts Castle. After lunch we rode Splash Mountain (my favorite), Aladdin's Magic Carpets, watched the Festival of Fantasy Parade. After the parade the group split up, some headed back to the hotel and we stayed and headed for some more food/AC at Liberty Tavern. After fueling up, we walked around, went to a few shops, Rode Buzz Light-year, Went to the Laugh Floor of Monsters Inc, Saw Lilo and Stitches adventure and met up with the rest of the crew for the Electric Parade and fireworks. It was an amazing and exhausting first day! We went back to the hotel, put the kids down with Nana and Steve and I headed to the lobby for a much needed cocktail, quickly followed by a good nights sleep!
We've arrived!

The Castle

Family and Walt in front of the Castle

Our Family with Nana and Mimi and Papa

It's a Small World

Little Mermaid

Nana and her grandkids

7 Dwarfs Mine Train with Daddy

Again with Mommy
Splash Mountain

Our Crew Takes the whole boat

Drew and Shelly

Attempt at a family photo

Happy to get out of the stroller

Nana's having fun!

So are Mimi and Papa

My mom and I

Eating at Liberty Tavern
The Haunted Mansion
My big boy

My silly boys

Mimi and papa and our lil fam

My handsome hubby

Mimi and Papa at Disney World!
Me, Kelsey, Nana and Mimi- Fun day

It's as magical as you'd think!

Day 2: Hollywood Studios
We woke up and got going pretty early again. We headed to Hollywood Studios and quickly signed Preston up for Jedi Training and grabbed a quick breakfast. We then headed to the Tower of Terror which we were shocked to find that Preston wanted to ride it! He did like a champ! Mimi, Papa and Nana all also rode it, way to go grandparents!! After that frightening experience, we headed to Preston's appointment to become a real Jedi! He was trained how to fight with a light saber and then the dark-side arrived at their training and Preston fought off Darth Vader all by himself! It was amazing! After that exhausting fight and the heat, we headed to Disney Juniors Play & Dine where we got to meet, Jake, Handy Manny, Sophia and Doc McStuffins. The kids had a blast! Following lunch we went to the Frozen Sing-along which was super fun and it SNOWED! After that fun show we headed to ride Toy Story, everyone went to see the Little Mermaid while Kaylin, Kelsey and I went to get Mouse ears for the kids. Stephen and Preston went to ride the Star Wars Tours and then we all met up again to watch the Indiana Jones Show which was great! That evening we headed back to the hotel to see the best fireworks show we'd ever seen! We had a perfect view of the Magic Kingdom castle and Epcot from our hotel, so we watched both shows completely light up the sky with their amazing 4th of July show (they did both the 3rd and the 4th). Such a fun day! Stephen and I went and got our daily cocktail in the lobby and got some much needed rest!
Ready for another fun day!

The Tower of Terror
Stephen watching Preston on the back row while mommy screams

Kaylin, Kels and I enjoying some girl time

Our very own Jedi Preston taking on Darth Vader

He got him!

Nana and her grand kids

Meeting Doc McStuffins

And Jake!

The boys
The big kids earned their ears
Amazing fireworks lit up the sky
We were all amazed!
 Day 3 (4th of July): Animal Kingdom
Another early morning! We headed straight out to Animal Kingdom. It was a nice change of pace with some shade and pretty scenery. We went straight to breakfast with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy! It was a great breakfast! Following breakfast we went on a safari where we saw all kind of animals, this was so much fun, everyone enjoyed it! After the Safari we sadly had to say goodbye to Mimi and Papa. Their Disney Adventure had come to an end. =( The rest of the group continued on to the Roaring Rapids.for a little cool down. After that we walked around the park for a bit and then went to ride Mt. Everest! Following that ride we caught the shuttle to Camp Wilderness where we went to have our Backyard BBQ with Mickey and Friends. We got there a little late (oops) so we had to wait until the next show. The Wait was worth it. They allowed us early entry, gave us special VIP seating and we were the firsts to get to eat! The food was followed by a great show and all the characters! We met, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, PLuto, Chip and Dale, Phineas and Ferb! We got to dance with all opf them which was lots of fun! Kaylin even got pulled into the show and showed off her roping skills! Another fun/exhausting day! We headed back to the hotel to watch more amazing fireworks! Another fabulous day!!
At our hotel The Grand Floridian

My cute kiddos
Kelsey and Kinley-twinsies
Mimi and Papa with their grandkids
Nana's crew
Excited for Animal Kingdom

Kelsey wasn't sure about ole' Donald Duck!

Papa did pretty well with Goofy!

Mimi and Daisy both have a little sass!

Yay its Mickey

Nana thought Donald was pretty special and Kelsey warmed up too!

The Workman's meet Mickey

Such a fun way to start the day

Mimi and Kelsey

The best grandparents EVER!

3 generations

Sweaty Duck Faces

Mom Drew and I

Love these two!

Mimi and Papa are leaving! =(

Onto the Rapids!

Enjoying the cool water!

So fun!
Good lookin boys!

Nana and her boys

Dance party at Mickey's BBQ

Good lookin bunch of kids

Mickey and Minnie and all the cousins

Kaylin was a super star roping!

PLUTO! And we talked Drew into a character picture!
Tired bunch of kiddos!

 Day 4: Some Pool/Rest Time and Magic Kingdom
We woke up and dined at the hotel for a yummy breakfast and Mickey pancakes. After breakfast we decided we need a little pool time! We spent the morning lounging at the pool and playing with the kids. It was a nice change of pace! Stephen and I even got the kids down for a nap with nana and got some adult time at the pool (always nice). Although it was a nice morning, we decided to head to Magic Kingdom for a few rides and afternoon fun! We went and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Preston really rode everything he was tall enough to ride), Space Mountain (only ride Preston couldn't ride due to height requirements) and then we had dinner at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. This was Riley and Drew's last day, so the big kids stayed at the park with Aunt Lana and Uncle Steve. The babies went back to the hotel with Nana and Shelly (Drew escaped before dinner). Those of us that stayed at the park went back to ride a family favorite Splash Mountain! After that we shopped for a few souvenirs, and watched the Electric Parade on the water. We took the big kids back to the room and headed down to the lobby for our adult beverages. Another super fun day!
Mickey pancakes
Pool Time!

Ahhhh! RELAX!!

Such a nice hotel
Riding with our boy

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Space Mountain

Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger)
and Piget

The big kids

Hanging with Aunt Lana and Uncle Steve on Splash Mountain

A Family Favorite! Riley's last night! =(

Day 5: Epcot Center
This morning we got up and sadly said goodbye to Drew and Riley! The rest of us headed to Epcot for the day. We started the day with breakfast in Mexico. After that we traveled around the world for the kids to get their passports stamped in every country. We went through 11 countries. it was fun, but hot and exhausting! In the middle of our traveling adventure we stopped and had lunch with all of the princesses! We met Mulan, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) and Ariel. They were all so sweet! Ariel was found to be a princess of few words even after getting her voice back! Preston asked what it was like to lose her voice and her only response was, "silent". Hmmm nice! There weren't many rides at Epcot, but we did do the Fast Track, Nemo and Turtle Talk. We caught some of the fireworks at Epcot and then headed back to the hotel to get the kids down. Shelly, Steve and I had the brilliant idea to head to Paradise Island for a little adult adventure while Nana watched the kids. We were very excited as we headed to concierge to find the best form of transportation and were told that Paradise Island no longer existed and hasn't for a few years! haha! We laughed A LOT about this one over cocktails on the patio!
Ready for fun at Epcot

Meeting Donald Duck in Mexico!

So fun

We are in Norway!

Now in China with Mulan

And stopped in France for some much needed Vino

Lunch with belle and the other princesses was wonderful!

Meeting Cinderella

Preston loved China

Cute girls getting tired of all the walking

Kinley and kelsey hangin out

Was so pretty at night!

Day 6: Magic Kingdom
We started our last day at Disney at Gaston's for the biggest cinnamon roll you might have ever seen! Following that we went to ride Winnie the Pooh, then stopped to watch Captain Jack Sparrow in a Pirate show. Preston was pulled up on stage and he thought that was WAY cool! After the show we went to a Pirates League where Preston got dressed up like a pirate. They gave him the name Captain Charles Quicksilver captain of the Emerald Tiger! He looked so good! Everyone we passed in the park commented! After that we went to see Kaylin getting done up by her Fairy God-mother at the Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boutique! Kaylin was Belle. I took Kinley and Kelsey to get Princess gowns too so they would all be dressed up! Kinley was Queen Elsa and Kelsey was the cutest little Cinderella you've ever seen! And the "shoe fit", she continued with that nickname as she lost a shoe/slipper everywhere we went! They were super cute! After a fun photo session we went to ride one last ride, Peter Pans Adventure. We went back to the hotel, ate dinner outside and watched the fireworks over the castle one last time while the kids entertained everyone in their costumes while singing, "Let it Go".
Shelly and her girls

Tough kiddo at Gaston's

Ready for their last day at Disney!

Preston about to become a pirate

Captain Charles Quicksilver looks ARRRRRsome!

Pretty little Princess Cinderella

My precious kids

My beautiful nieces Kaylin (Belle) and Kinley (Elsa)

Cousins all dressed up

So much fun with these two!

Sleeping Beauties

Too cute!

Our last ride-Peter Pan

Back at the hotel, one last shot of these cuties

And this Princess
We headed home the next day and as tired as we were, we were still so sad to leave!  The good news is Kelsey slept the whole way back! A much better flight!! This was such a fun vacation! It truly is a magical place and good times were had by all!! These are memories that we will carry with us the rest of our lives!
So sad that its over!