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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Workman Family Reunion

A few weeks ago we took a road trip to Arkansas to meet up with the Workman family. This is my dad, his sisters and brother and all of their families. It had been several years since we had all gotten together! It was great to see all of the family and amazing to see how much the family had grown! We had a get together the first night at my Aunt Patty's house. The next morning we headed to a nice lake in the area where we played all day. It was beautiful; there! We all enjoyed catching up with each other throughout the day! The kids enjoyed playing in the lake, hunting for frogs, worms and lightening bugs (all of which were caught at some point throughout the day) and water gun fights. That evening we headed back to my Aunt Patty's house for a homemade ice cream contest (which dad/Sheri won) and some frosty beverages. The next morning we met up for breakfast, made a quick stop at another one of our uncles houses to say hi  and then hit the road. Good times were had by all! So thankful to have this time with family outside of weddings and funerals!
Drew, Dad (aka Pops) and I

Cousins- Lana, Jai Jai, Drew, Dana, Cristal, Amanda and Bryan

Mike, Amanda, Aunt Sharon (dad's sister) and Clarence (missing Autumn)

Our little family

Dad's Family- Sheri, Preston, Dad/Pops, Kaylin, Lana, Stephen, Kelsey, Kinley, Drew, Shelly and Riley

Kaylin enjoying the lake

Kinley playing with worms

Kelsey holding a worm (yuck)

Patti's family- Virgil, Jai Jai, Spin (JJs step son), Aunt Patti (dads sister) and Dana

Sleepy girl

Make that two of them!

Kinley playing in the lake

Spin and Riley causing trouble on the paddle boats

The whole Workman Family

My boy and his slimy worm he caught (and later put on moms back for a scream everyone laughed at)

Siblings-Dad/Pops, Aunt Patty, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bruce

Bruce's Family, Tomi (Cristal's daughter), Uncle Bruce (Dads brother), Mary,  Tara, Bryan and Cristal

Cousins plus our significant others

My little swimmer

Uncle Bruce and dad looking at old pictures

Enjoying the day

All the kids

Hunting for more slimy creatures

Me and Pops

Enjoying a water gun fight