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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

This year we kicked off Father's Day early by Preston, Kelsey and I surprising daddy at work with treats and decorating his car before he got off. We celebrated daddy all weekend. On Father's Day we woke up, had a nice breakfast, went to church to hear Preston sing with the children's group from Vacation Bible Camp and then came home and opened Stephen's gifts from us. Later that afternoon we went to Stephanie and Gene's for some of Mimi's delicious enchiladas!  We had a delicious meal followed by more gifts, eating cake and hanging with the family! Always fun to spoil the daddies in our lives. This was Gene's first Father's Day since they've had baby Vivian, so a pretty special day for them. Papa now has three grand kids to celebrate Father's Day along with his own kids and wife. That is what dream are made of!

Stephen might just be the greatest daddy to ever live! He loves his family with everything he has in him! These kids light up his life and you can see that on his face every moment he gets with them. He plays with them, has more patience than anyone I know, prays with them and loves them unconditionally. Preston and Kelsey are so lucky to call you daddy and I am so lucky to walk through life with you! Thank you for making all of our dreams come true! We love you daddy!!

Sweet girl wishing Daddy Happy Father's Day!

Preston and Kelsey helping daddy open gifts
Special gift from Preston and Kelsey
Papa and his 3rd grand child-Vivian
The girls-Kelsey, Lana, Vivian, Stephanie and Mimi

Preston helping Papa open gifts

The whole crew

Stephen, Dad and Stephanie


Having fun celebrating the men in our lives

Happy 1st Father's Day Gene!

Sweet kids

Preston loving baby Vivi

Happy Father's Day!

Three Generations

Happy Father's Day Daddy!