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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Preston Starts TK

So, I'm a little behind on my postings, but Preston started Transitional Kindergarten (TK) last month! This will be his last year at Sunshine Kids Preschool! I can't believe how quickly he's growing up! Stephen and I were actually traveling home from Cabo on his first day of school, so first day pic credits go to Mimi and Papa who took him to his first day of school. He has Ms. Tami and Ms. Lea as his teachers in the TK All-stars class. He is absolutely LOVING it so far! He does "carpool" this year which means mommy drops him off with his teachers before school and he walks in all by himself without mommy! He is SO big! He carries his backpack, lunch and water bottle in like a big guy and walks in with no fuss. I have to admit the first day we did this, Preston did great, hopped out of the car, said I love you mommy and walked off and never looked back. Meanwhile, mommy sat in the car taking pictures of his every step until he got inside and CRIED like a baby all the way home! I just can't believe how quickly he's growing up! This momma has got to get it together before Kindergarten next year! Whew, its tough watching them grow up, but I also couldn't be more proud of the sweet little boy he's becoming! Kelsey is missing big brother while he's at school. Every day before Preston gets out of the car, he gives Kelsey a kiss goodbye and then gives me my hugs/kisses. Kelsey spent the first couple of weeks crying after we dropped brother off. Now she just says, "No bubba!" every time we leave. I think she's missing her play mate. They are pretty sweet when we pick him up though, they couldn't be more excited to see each other! We love you with all our hearts Preston and are so extremely proud of you big boy!!

Meet the Teacher

Ms. Lea

Ms. Tami

Our little All-star

Preston and his buddies Zachary and Luke (and Luke's little brother Micah)
Board says: Teachers: Ms. Tami and Ms. Lea; Best Friend: Luke; Age: 5;
Favorites: Food: Nuggets, Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas,
Books: I'll Love You Forever & Thank You God For Mommy,
Color: Green, Toy: My castle knights, Thing to do: Play,
Holiday: Christmas, Place to go: Medieval Times
Preston playing with his best buddy Luke on their first day

Walking into school on his first day of TK

Day 2
So excited to see each other after school

A pic from his teacher, his class doing a science experiement

Getting a drink at recess

Preston and Reid playing on the playground
The firemen came to visit his class

My little fireman