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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Party

Last weekend we invited a few friends over to have a little Halloween party for the kids> Since Preston is in love with Halloween, he has been looking forward to this for a while now! I planned a couple of little games for the kids and pulled together some Halloween treats. The kids got a chance to wear their costumes which they were all excited about! Kels didn't quite make it into her costume for the party (not enough time to get both kids dressed before people arrived), but be on the lookout for another cute pirate this Halloween!
Our Pirate

And our lil pumpkin

Mummy Hot Dogs

Wormy Jello and Ghost Pudding

Witches Broomsticks and pumpkin veggies

Kendall-Princess Elsa (Frozen)

Awbrey-Zombie Princess Ana (Frozen)


Aaron-Incredible Hulk

Playing in playroom

Pierce-Batman with Preston the Pirate

Kelsey and Lillie Grace-Cutie Pies

Noah and Aaron playing

Awbrey pushing Preston and Pierce on the swings

Playing toss the ball in the skeleton

Cute kids

Game time


Just in time for games

Making Monster faces

Having fun

Too Cute

The girls

My handsome boy

Showing off their artwork

Lillie Grace hanging out

The guys playing yard games

The girls hanging out

My cutie

Vampire teeth!

Love these two!

Kendall and Kels-Kendall loves baby Kelsey

Always looks up to her big brother

Playing zombies with vampire teeth


Kels LOVES it

Charlie boy

Lillie Grace found a witch hat

My lil pumpkin worn out

Watching Halloween movies in their jammies

Roasting marshmallows

Kris and I-always fun to catch up!

The playroom aftermath! Haha