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Monday, July 7, 2014

Kelsey 4 Months and Preston 3 years 9 months

Fun in the water

Still lovin his bike!

Just a Princess sitting on a bean bag chair

Using her hands more and more


Speed Racer

Sucking her thumb

Hanging with his IPad

Playing with Sister

She LOVES her big brother!


I think they look so much alike in this pic

Practicing his cutting

Little Angel

Look I made Spider Man


Tuckered Out

Sweaty boy exhausted after playing hard outside

About to outgrow the bassinet

This boy can aim!

In Papa's cap

My boys and their fun play time!

Playing with her toys

Izzy is Preston's new best friend!

Laughing at daddy

Big girl!

Too cute!

Sweet boy snuggling with his stuffed animals

Showing baby sister his toys (she watches his every move)

Fresh and clean-she loves bath time!

We all love bedtime stories

Hanging in the media room

My big girl is rolling on her side to sleep now

And holding her own bottle more

Like father, like son

4 month shots =(

She got to start eating veggies and fruit-first bite-sweet potatoes

Playing with daddy's micro-machines
Wow what a month! I am having an absolute blast with these sweet kiddos! Preston is getting SO big (I know I say that every month), but this kid never ceases to amaze me! He is so smart, such a sweet big brother and son and he's turning into a really neat person! I know that sounds strange when talking about a 3 almost 4 year old, but he really is! I love the conversations we have. Though simple, I can see that he has a really big heart and a wonderful personality! This kid is really going to do BIG things! I am so very proud of him! Kelsey continues to get bigger and stronger! She has started rolling over, and is actually trying to crawl. By crawl I mean she's pushing up and then moving her feet and planting that sweet face into the ground (haha) but she'll get there, she's a tough little girl! She is really laughing more and we are beginning to see more of her sweet personality. She has turned into a bit of a mommies girl (which I don't mind), I know its a phase and it will end soon, so I'm taking full advantage! =)I love her sweet snuggles, soft giggles and excited squeals. She is such a joy! I love my kids with all my heart! We are truly blessed and LOVING life!