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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Week With Family

I LOVE SUMMER! One of the reasons I love summer is because Shelly gets off (being a teacher) and the kids cousins get off too! We got to have them and Nana here for a whole week! We had so much fun! They came in on a Saturday and we got to hang out and have some fun. We went for a quick bite at Palio's and then came home and let the kiddos play while we adults stayed up way too late! =) Sunday we all got ready and headed to Great Wolf Lodge! What a fun place!! The kids had a ball! Preston was a little afraid of the water dropping on top of his head, so we mostly spent time in the kiddie area (which is age appropriate for him anyway). Kelsey even got in the water with mommy and daddy and did a little splashing. Night time brought a fun story time in their jammies, a delicious dinner and sleepy kids passed out at the dinner table. Steve, Shelly and I took in another late night (despite the fact Steve had to work the next day-he's a trooper). Monday we woke up early and the kids did the Quest with their magic wands. Preston thought this was the coolest! They made stuffed animals, bracelets, got ice cream, spent the afternoon in the water again, got temporary tattoos and we headed out (as they all passed out again). It was a super fun couple of days!! Tuesday Shelly nd I did some shopping which was lots of fun, while Nana watched the kids! We can do some serious damage together! :)Wednesday, our shopping spree looked like so much fun, Nana wanted to join in, so we had another day of shopping with the kids. We got everyone ready for vacation and upcoming weddings. Thursday we had planned to go to the Perot Museum, but got caught up looking for Shelly's stone to her wedding ring (yes, she lost it, BIG BUMMER)! We still made time for Main Event and a couple of games of bowling. The kids had a blast together and the adults had some fun too. All in all great week with the fam! I wasn't ready for them to leave, but all good things must come to an end right?! We missed Drew being with us and missed Steve while he was at work. We are excited for vacay in a couple of weeks with everyone!
Stylin lil girls

Lovin cousin time

Let the fun begin

So many fun things to do!

The crew ready for a good time!

Preston and Riley playing on the jetskis

Shelly and Kinley taking a lil break

Kels snoozin at the pool

Preston looks up to Riley so much! All weekend I heard "Wylie!!"


Kinley checking on Kelsey

Tired kids ready for story time

Fun lil song and dance

Cousins at storytime in their jammies

He had a blast!

Kelsey with her cousins

This kid was exhausted, fell asleep at the dinner table

Snapshot of a fun day

Treasure Quest

It's Magic!

Picture with all the kiddos thanking Nana for a fun weekend

Too fun

Preston and Kinley battling on the jet skis

Splashing away

Splish Splash

Time for a slide

Kelsey had fun with nana

And then we met a Wizard!

He loves his costumes

Wizard Preston and Princess Kinley

Leaving Wolf Creek Lodge

We did some serious shopping! (This is just one car and one of the days)

What great cousins!

Preston with awesome Aunt Shelly and her crew

1st time bowling

He loved it and he LOVES Kaylin

Kinley even bowled

More fun with Nana


Sweet Cousins


Saying goodbye to "Wylie"

Sweet girls saying bye to Kelsey

Check out this wardrobe for baby girl! She's ready for the beach!