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Monday, August 4, 2014

Kels is 5 Months and Preston is ALMOST 4!!!

Its so hard to believe how fast these kids are growing up! Every picture I see of Preston I think he is looking like such a BIG BOY! He's recently been introduced to daddy's old nun-chucks which he thinks are so cool. He has also become more involved in Legos and builds pretty neat castles. He still loves dressing up, his most recent favorite is a wizard! He is still such a great big brother with a HUGE heart! He always amazes us with things that he says. He's always telling us how much he loves us, how wonderful he thinks we are and what a sweet mommy and tough daddy he has. He's the best little boy in the whole world! Kelsey is doing more and more as well. She's started sleeping in her big girl bed and loves to sleep on her side or tummy. She's become quite the roly poly! She will roll all over the place. She's playing with more and more things that are around her, picking things up, examining them and putting them in her mouth of course. We are working on sitting up, she's building up the muscles, won't be long. She is almost crawling! she will push up on her knees or push up on her hands, but doesn't quite have them down together yet. She is laughing more and showing more and more personality. Still love our snuggle time! She is the best little girl in the whole world!
Turned 5 months on her 1st vacation in Cabo

Our lil ninja turtle

Showing off his tricks

Showing baby sister

Kels playing in the play room

Building a castle with legos

Jammin with daddy

We love when daddy comes home for lunch!

Almost sitting up!

Loves playing in the messy playroom

Our Wizard Preston

Super cool Wizard

So sweet, love how she crosses her lil feet!

Loves playing on his IPad

Our little tummy sleeper

"Big Brothers Rock!" & "Lil Sisters Rock" t-shirts
Best two kids in the world