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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Preston is 3 months old today!

My 3 month pic with Blue
Rockin my Adidas jumpsuit
Just hangin
So sleepy
Check out my lil rolls!
Lovin bath time!
Waking up sooo happy from a good nap!
Playing on the floor with mommy and daddy
Daddy crashed out playing with me after work
Passed out
Time to wake up!
The car is such a great place to sleep!
Love playing with my daddy
Floor time=fun time!
Too cute not to post!
Hard to believe my lil man is already 3 months old! These last three months have flown by! What a joy they have been!! As you can tell, I have not laid off taking pictures. I take a ton! Its like I want to capture every single moment of this lil guy. He is such a blast!! This last month he...
-Celebrated his first Thanksgiving
-Saw his first Christmas lights on our house
-Is able to sit propped up on the sofa without help
-Can hold his head up by himself (unless he's really tired)
-Is enjoying tummy time more
-Loves his hands and loves chewing on them. I think he'd put both fists in his mouth if he could.
-Really enjoys playing on the floor with his toys
-Knows how to interact with his toys more
-Still loves bath time
-Loves to talk! He isn't saying anything yet, but he thinks he is!!
-Recognizes mommy and daddy and gets very excited when he sees or hears us
-Is super happy when he wakes up
-Loves sleeping in the car
-Loves playing with daddy
These last 3 months have been the best months of our lives! We are truly blessed with little Preston and love him with all our hearts!!