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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kelsey Meets More Family!

A couple of weeks ago Kelsey got to meet all of her cousins (Riley, Kaylin and Kinley), her Aunt Shelly and her Pops! They came in for a few days over their Spring Break and we were SO excited!! They got some extra special snuggle time with our sweet girl, Preston got some much needed play time with his wonderful cousins and we all got some time to do some catching up! Riley is a pro with babies now, he held Kelsey, helped push strollers and really entertained Preston...they are buddies! Kaylin, loved holding and feeding Kelsey, she was super sweet with her and also had lots of fun playing with Preston! Kinley was ALL about her baby cousin! It was pretty cute. She would walk around saying "baby, baby, baby!" and if Kelsey cried she would run over there to see what was the matter. It was adorable. I hope these two are super close! All the kiddos had a blast! The adults spent some time relaxing, went out to a couple of fun meals, took the big kids to a trampoline park and then took all the kiddos to the zoo on a beautiful day! We had a wonderful visit, just wished it could've been longer!
Proud Pops
Aunt Shelly, Kaylin and Kinley meeting Kelsey for the first time
Kaylin holding her baby cousin
Two sweet Girls
Lovin on that Baby
The Girls
And boys
Pops and his grandsons
Kinley holding Baby Kelsey
She LOVES her Baby Cousin
Oldest and Youngest Cousins...LOVE
Preston Attacking Pops and Riley with his Nerf Gun
Pops feeding Kelsey
Good Times
Cousins at the Zoo