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Monday, May 12, 2008

Eventful Weekend!

Stephen and I headed to the lake house Friday. We always enjoy seeing the deer hanging out in the backyard, relaxing by the water and seeing family. From birthdays to Mother's Day we had quite a busy weekend at the lake this time.

First we celebrated Riley's 4th birthday. He is getting so big. Aunt Lana and Uncle Steve bought Riley his first Slip-n-Slide and it was a hit! The kids loved it and played all day.

We also celebrated Mother's Day this year with my family, so we got to spend some mommy time with my mom, my grandmother and Shelly at the lake. We surprised mom and grandma with some family pictures. It was a lot of fun. We were able to make it over to see Stephen's mom too, so we were able to celebrate all of these wonderful moms on Mother's Day!

Steve and I managed to get in a nice round of golf at the beautiful Cliffs golf course this weekend. It was a really hard course and I think I lost all of Stephen's golf balls in the cliffs, but we had a great time. We really enjoyed being out in nature and admiring the beautiful scenery.

What a blessing to be able to spend time with family and enjoy each others company!