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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Well yesterday was the BIG day! We called it Pink or Blue day. Both Stephen's mom and my mom went to our appointment with us to find out if their new grandbaby was going to be a boy or a girl! It was so much fun! They measured just about everything possible on this lil baby and then at the end they had a picture on the screen and Stephen said, "What's that a picture of?" I said, "I think thats a picture from the bottom that right" All of a sudden silence fell over everyone. I didn't really realize what had happened, but Stephen gave me a little nudge and I looked up to realize she had typed on the screen, "IT'S A BOY!" =) We all yelled IT'S A BOY and were sooo excited! It was so much fun! Best of all the doctor said our baby boy is growing strong and healthy, everything looked great! =)

After the fun news, we couldn't help but go buy something blue! Well, if you know my mom and I we can't just buy one thing blue...we bought A LOT of blue! We had so much fun buying clothes and shoes and even a couple of cute things for the nursery. Thanks so much Nana for all of the little boy stuff. Our baby is going to be such a little stud! Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene stopped by last night with some fun balloons and baby's first puppy dog. Super sweet!
I couldn't be happier and daddy is on cloud 9! He's going to have a son! It's so much fun to finally know! We are super excited and feel truly blessed to get to experience this amazing miracle!

We love you little man! We can't wait until you join our world!
Love, Mom and Dad