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Monday, March 28, 2011

Preston is 7 Months Old!

Still looks at Blue for the first pic every month

Then he starts playing And now for a pose!
My boys sitting on a patio in the recent beautiful weather
My little snuggle bug
Daddy pats the table and then Preston does the same, its our new game
Such a cutie
Our favorite time...Sunday mornings after Prestons first feeding, we all crawl in bed together and watch cartoons. Last Sunday both of my boys fell back asleep!
Little Studd
Ready for a game of golf!
Loves his toys
Going for a stroll at the outlet mall
Preston is his overalls his big cousin Riley picked out

I know I say it every month, but it is so hard to believe that our lil man is 7 months old!! He is getting so big! I think at every age so far i've said that this is the most fun age so far, but we are truly having so much fun with him at this age! The latest things Preston is up to these days include:

-Enjoying tummy time

-He can do somewhat of an army crawl (that may be ambitious, it might be more of a scoot on his belly)

-He will mock us now-if we tap on the table he will follow and do the same

-He has started enjoying banging on things/banging things together

-He can sit up totally by himself

-Gets pretty close to a crawling position

-Can roll back and forth with no help

-Has started eating meats

-Moved to Stage 2 baby foods

-Is approximately 20lbs! BIG BOY!

-Loves giving mommy and daddy hugs and kisses

-Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (laughs when they sing) and Jake and the Neverland Pirates (I think this is secretly daddy's favorite too)

-Loves to laugh-he's such a happy baby

-Still loves his baths and splashes all over the place (it's messy but worth the laughs)

-Has started sitting up and playing with his toys in the bath

-Celebrated his first St. Patty's Day

-Drank juice for the first time (Mott's for Tots of course)

-Is learning how to drink out of a straw

He is such a cutie and does fun things everyday that we just love! I am having so much fun dressing him, he's like my little baby doll! =) Life is just wonderful, we are so blessed with our amazing son!