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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preston is 9 months Old!

Our first tornado in the master closet with Preston

Scooting on his car by himself

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and enjoying his baba while mom washes the sheets

Playing with Izzy, his new little buddy

Good times with his cousins

Pulling up by himself! Uh-oh

Preston's first haircut

Our baby boy is becoming such a big boy so fast! He is growing right before our eyes. It is so much fun to watch him learn and grow every single day! We took Preston to his 9 month well visit and he is in the 75th percentile in height and weight. he's a big boy! He is at a really fun age right now. Some of Preston's new things include:

  • Moving up to stage 3 baby food

  • Crawling (its still somewhat of a scoot, but he's getting it down)

  • Pulling up on everything

  • Says: Mama, Dada, Baba, Baby, Book, Boo, Lala, Nana and bye-bye (some of these aren't completely clear and I'm not sure he knows what he's saying yet, but he gets a lot of words out of that little mouth)

  • Waves bye bye

  • Claps his hands

  • Does the Indian (pats his hand on his mouth while yelling)

  • Gives us sweet eyes (smiles and squints)

  • Is more interactive with his toys (can scoot on his little car by himself)

  • Has 8 teeth

  • Eats lots of snack foods by himself (including Cheerios, Yogurt bites, Cheese puffs and toddler cookies)

  • Gives the sweetest hugs/kisses

  • Copies anyone who coughs or clears their throat with a fake cough (pretty cute)

  • Laughs when we laugh or when someone on TV laughs

  • Lets out pretty loud yells that he thinks is hilarious

  • Plays ball with Izzy

  • Rolls like a log from Steve to me back and forth

  • Got his first big boy haircut!

  • Road on the boat for the first time

  • Sat in the master closet to avoid his first tornado with mom and dad

    • He is an absolute joy! We love every minute with our little man! We are truly blessed!!!