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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Preston is 10 Months Old!!

Loves walking around the coffee table
And the recliner

Riding in the BIG boy car seat

Playing with daddy's Father's Day balloons


My cutie

Such a sweet boy

Hard to believe another month has past! Preston continues to grow big and strong and continues to be the love of our life! He is so completely amazing. Everyday it seems he does something new and takes one step closer to being a little boy and not our baby boy. It's absolutely incredible how quickly time flies. In the last month our precious little angel:

-Is almost walking (he took his first two steps on his 10 month birthday)

-Is into absolutely everything. Funny how he wants everything he can't have and his toys are not anything he wants to play with these days. =)

-Is such an explorer

-He is independent. He's already giving mommy the shove so he can go play on his own without being held back

-He is extremely happy! His smiles brighten my everyday!

-He has started blowing kisses

-Celebrated his first 4th of July

-Can stand on his own for several seconds

-Gives the most amazing and loving kisses and hugs

-He is the life of the party everywhere he goes. He's so friendly and outgoing!

-He can put the rings on his ring stacker

-He mocks us laughing and coughing (its pretty cute)

-Is now doing things on command like clapping, high-five, blowing kisses, waving and doing the Indian

-He has moved to his big boy car seat (SO BIG)

-Is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything!

-We now find him standing and sitting up in his crib on a regular basis

-Is all boy! He tackles his stuffed animals, knocks down towers we build with blocks and hits himself and thinks its funny!

-Still finds time to snuggle with mommy and daddy (my favorite)

He is such a joy and an incredible blessing! I can't even begin to express the love we have for this little guy, he fills our hearts everyday!