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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Preston's First Vacation

Last month we got to take Preston on his very first vacation! Now to Preston, every day is a vacation, but this week was going to be spent in the Bahamas!! We were so excited to see our little man play in the sand and feel the little waves crash against his ankles. It was exactly as we'd hoped! We invited Nana, Grammy and Grandpa to go with us, so Preston had lots of attention (as usual). Our trip started with a flight to the Bahamas. It was Preston's first and...he was absolutely perfect! We were so happy! We got to the Bahamas to find out that our luggage had gotten lost. Not just ours, but every one in our party! UGH! It was very frustrating, but we didn't let that stop the vacation. We decided we'd figure it out as we went and enjoy the time we had.

We stayed at the Atlantis resort, which was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it! We had an absolute blast! it took us the first day just to make it around the resort and do some sight seeing! We visited the Dig (the large aquarium) which was incredible. Preston loved it as well. The next day we were still waiting on our luggage to arrive, but decided to make the best of it and head out to the Straw market and hit up Senor Frogs. We had so much fun! The Bahama Mama's were delicious! Preston even enjoyed some time on the dance floor with mama, Nana and Grammy. The next day we spent some time on the beach, which was great and totally relaxing! Steve and I got a couples massage and that night we got a little date night. We went out to Nobu for dinner (yum), did a little gambling and went to a fun night club at the resort for some dancing. We didn't get too crazy because the next morning, it was time for Stephen and I to try Scuba diving for the first time. We had a good time, but both decided the underwater life isn't really our cup of tea. We prefer to be on land. =) That night we did some shopping and had another great dinner with live Bahamian music which was fun! The next day we decided to split up for a bit. The girls all went to the spa for a mani and pedi and the guys played some chess. Good times were had by all! After that we decided Preston needed some kid time, so we headed to Atlantis Pals to make him a little pal to take home. We got a little dolphin named Baha Atlantis. He really enjoyed that process. Our last night there we headed to the Fish Fry. We had heard all week about how we had to go to the fish fry. We got there and it was definitely where the locals hung. People were incredibly friendly. What we didn't expect was the presentation of our food. The fish was fresh! So fresh in fact that the head, eyes and tail were still attached! Ahhhh! hahahaha it was worth a good laugh and actually after getting past the presentation, the food was absolutely delicious, best fish I've ever had! Our last day we managed to get in another beach and pool visit before heading to marina village for those last minute souvenirs. The flight home I think we were all exhausted, especially Preston! He was such a trooper, but did manage to splash sweet potatoes on everyone around us, squirt his Mott's for Tots all over daddy and wanted to visit with everyone on the plane. Needless to say, it was entertaining, but he finally fell asleep and we made it home!

We had a wonderful trip! We are so blessed to have such an amazing son and have the opportunity to share such incredible experiences with him.