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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Napa & Sonoma

Steve and I took the last few days off and took a little trip just the two of us! Nana took Preston to see his aunt, uncle and cousins in San Angelo and I hear they had a blast! I don't have pics to document their weekend, but I know he was well cared for and had a blast! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

We had a fabulous time feeling young and free again in the beautiful Napa Valley! It was fabulous! We started Thursday in San Francisco. We went to Pier 39 and ate at a place called Neptune's Palace. From there we had an absolutely amazing view. We could see all the Sea Lions there just floating on docks (way cool), saw Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf  and the Golden Gate bridge. From there we headed to Lombard Street (the "crooked street") and then drove across the Golden Gate bridge on our way out of town. We had a convertible, so we cruised around like kids with our music loud and wind blowing through our hair, it was fun! The drive was incredible with beautiful scenery the entire way. Thursday night we had a delicious dinner at Reddwood and went to our room and relaxed. We had an awesome hotel in Napa (North Block Hotel) that we really enjoyed! Would highly recommend it!
Sea Lions

Golden Gate Bridge

Friday we woke up, and hit up Mumm winery (champagne with a relaxing laid back atmosphere), then went to Joseph Phelps (delicious wine & beautiful grounds) and then had two tours that our hotel set up for us one was at Girard (fun little VIP experience, just the two of us and lot's of wine) and the other at M(a)isonry (cute little place with nice art/sculptures around the garden area). That was a super fun day and probably the most toasty we got during the trip because we didn’t eat lunch (oops)! Haha It was fun, but we don’t remember much from M(a)isonry. Steve was calling me Turbo Lana that day because I just kept going! Needless to say we were ready for a nap after all that, so we went back to the room for a bit and then got up and went to get massages (so nice). From there we went to another great dinner at Bottega and then came home and crashed! 

 Mumm Winery
 Joseph Phelps Winery

Saturday we got up and went to Napa Cellars for a tasting (it was okay, but not the best stop) and Cake Bread for a tour (delicious and very informative). Then we went and had some pizza (we learned our lesson from the day before).That afternoon, we had a tour at The Kuleto Winery. This place was amazing! The views were absolutely beautiful!! This was probably our favorite stop of the trip! We had a great group that we toured with, we all had a lot of fun together! That afternoon we drove to Sonoma, had another couples massage and went to another good dinner at John Ash & Co.

 Cakebread Winery

 A little patio time at our hotel
 Kuleto Winery

 Dinner at John Ash

Sunday we had breakfast in our room and went on a tour at Sonoma Cutrer (which was also yummy and had a detailed tour that took you through the entire process of making wine-cool to see at least one of these). From there we went to the square in Sonoma where we went to the Sonoma Cheese Factory and bought some cheese/crackers and wine and had a little picnic (so fun). Then we walked around the square, shopped, did more tastings at little shops and then had dinner at The Girl and the Fig (best meal of the trip)! We made friends with the table next to us and all shared wine, it was fun!

Patio Time at our Sonoma Hotel
Sonoma Cutrer Winery
A little beer tasting to break up the day 
 Dinner at The Girl and the Fig

Monday we got up and went to the Petrified Forest which was pretty cool to see. We then drove back to San Fran, in our cool convertible with one last opportunity to see the beautiful scenery and feel like kids again! We got in one last wine tasting at the airport and bought a bottle for our flight home!

Petrified Forest

 Overall, it was an AMAZING trip! We had such a great time together! We did miss our boy, so were happy to get home and see him again! We snuggled all night! So thankful for great family to take care of him while we were gone and a great hubby to get to spend some quality time with! So incredibly blessed!!