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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elf on the Shelf 2014

One of our favorite Christmas traditions we've started in our family is the Elf on the Shelf! For those not aware of the "Elf" essentially Santa sends an elf that you get to name and everyday that elf appears in new locations, sometimes with a gift and is always on a mission to report back to Santa each night to update on the progress of Preston. Last year we had Jingles and this year, we had Bell the Elf come to stay with us. She was so much fun! Always had fun places to find her and brought a lot of neat treats for Preston throughout the month. Really gave us something to be excited about each day leading up to Christmas! Can't wait to have Bell back next year, who knows maybe we'll get lucky with 2 kiddos and get Jingles and Bell back!! Its a super fun tradition! Here are some of the fun ways Bell showed up at our apartment this year.
Bell came and brought a fun advent calendar to count down until Christmas!
Bell in a bubble bath of marshmallows
Bell playing with legos
Santa wants to make sure Preston continues to be a BIG boy and use the big boy potty
Bell's special Batman package for Preston to keep him warm
A special package from Bell
Yay! Bell got us tickets to go see Frozen!
Bell riding the train and bringing a fun Christmas movie
Bell decorated our tree with candy canes
Roasting marshmallows on a candle (silly Bell)
Bell got a special video from Santa
A little something to write Santa a letter
Bell brought a letter and certificate confirming Preston made the NICE list! =)
Bell catching up on sleep
Silly Bell wrapped Preston in his room
Awesome Ninja Turtle jammies
Bell brought candy and snuck a few bites!
Bell brought us tickets to go on the Polar Express and meet Santa!
Some little treats from the North Pole
Bell brought a movie to watch with Preston's stuffed animals
Goodbye letter from Bell
Saying goodbye to sweet Bell-the only time he gets to hold her!