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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fun Weekend in Oklahoma

Last weekend we went to Oklahoma to visit Kristina and Kyle and see their new house, as well as visit Ashley and Kyle and celebrate Harris' 1st birthday! It was a whirlwind trip as usual. We got there late Friday night, and managed to stay up until 3:30am! With our early rising children, we were up early and getting ready for a 1st birthday party. We headed over to Ashley and Kyle's to celebrate with them. Ashley had a super cute farm animal theme, with precious decor and cute stick horses, hats and bandannas for party favors.I didn't have my phone with me at key points in the party (cake eating etc), so I only got this picture of sweet Harris (and I'm pretty sure this was the only time this little guy cried the whole party). He is such a sweet and good lookin little man. Preston had fun playing Knight/Princess with Kate. Always fun catching up with them! We headed back to Kris and Kyle's for fajitas, Spurs and more fun for the kiddos. Awbrey and Kendall LOVED Kelsey. They kept wanting to help me feed her and hold her. They were super cute with her. Preston and the girls got along great! They all played a ton and wore each other out! We had a blast as usual with Kris and Kyle (margaritas+hula hoops+Spurs win in Thunder country=FUN). It was another late night, but worth it! Great catching up with great friends, that's for sure! ON our way home we hit up the Arbuckle Wilderness. Preston always loves seeing all of the animals. It was a fun little stop to break up our trip. Needless to say, we all slept really well Sunday night!
Chillin at the Dover's

Harris' cake

Our brave knight and princess

Group pic of kids and parents trying to get their lil one to smile

Preston loves his watermelon

Harris and Kelsey

Kate and Kelsey


Lovin that baby

Kyle trying to hula hoop

Steve's turn

The girls

Sassy Kendall

Kids playing

Getting sleepy

"Kelsey look!"

That's a camel

Preston driving with daddy