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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Amazing Shower Weekend!

I had the most wonderful shower this weekend! My wonderful hostesses were my best friends from college Kristina and Ashley who came in from Oklahoma City (even Ashley who had to leave her newborn at home for the first time), my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. It was absolutely amazing! These girls really thought of everything! The spread was delicious, the cake was amazing, the flowers were beautiful and they even had cute party favors to hand out when everyone left! These girls really went all out to celebrate lil Preston!

We had such a great time with everyone that attended. I had family, wonderful aunts, extended family in from California, friends from work, neighbors (new and old), and some other great friends in attendance. I was completely ovewhelmed by the attendance and the generosity of these wonderful people in my life. I felt so loved!! Stephen, Preston and I got so many wonderful things! Some of the things we got include: our nursery bathroom stuff that matches Preston's room, our bumbo and tray, our high chair, jumparoo, Bottles/warmer and sterilizer, gate for the stairs, carriers, Preston's first Christmas outfit, some more adorable clothes and I got a couple of little things to wear after baby Preston arrives. =) It was wonderful! We are so blessed!!

Once the guys got home, we quickly put them all to work putting all the goodies together. We got a kick out of all the guys putting together the gate for the stairs. Stephen even got a little gift to open (which was fun for him).

Overall it was a beautiful day surrounded by so many people we love! Thanks again to my wonderful hostesses! You girls are amazing! And thank you to everyone who attended. I can't wait for Little Preston to meet everyone of you. I know you all will touch his heart as much as you have touched mine and Stephen's!

Beautiful Flowers
Such an amazing cake from Delicious Cakes!
The cake and favors table
The wonderful spread
My hostesses and Aunt Yolanda hard at work pre-shower
Look out Martha Stewart!
Preston and I with our wonderful hostesses!
Ashley and Kristina... my favorite girls!
Aunt Steph, Grandma, Preston and I
My wonderful momma aka Nana
Some of my great neighbors
Some of my fun co-workers!
Katrina (a high-school friend) and I with our bellys (both due this month)
One of our good friends Nikki and I
My amazing hubby and I with our lil boy that we get to meet later this month!!
How many men does it take to put up the baby gate! ;)
Stephen gets a daddy gift!