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Monday, August 23, 2010

Crazy Baby Dreams

They say crazy baby dreams are normal when you are pregnant, but I had no idea! Stephen and I have both had some pretty funny dreams in the last week that I'd thought I'd share.

I had the following dreams:
1- Stephen and I left the house to go out for the day and forgot we had a baby! We left Preston asleep in his crib with nursery rhymes playing. After being gone for several hours, we realized what we had done and rushed home. We found Preston in his crib, just hanging out. We were talking to him apologizing and he (yes Preston) said, "It's okay mom I just had to start the music over. I kind-of like the country music better." hahaha

2- I dreamt I was changing his diaper and after I finished I couldn't find the dirty one I had taken off. I looked at Preston and asked him, "Did I put the dirty one back on you?!" He just looked at me like, silly mom and nodded his head yes.

3- Again as a little infant I dreamt I was holding lil Preston and he wanted to get his daddy's attention, so he yelled, "Hey Dad!" We were both shocked!

Stephen has only had one dream so far, but I think it takes the cake! He dreamt that I was in labor and the doctor said that they could see the head. Stephen went to see and said, "Hey Preston, come on man!" And in his dream Preston looked up at him and simply crawled out. hahaha Man, I wish it was that easy! He said he was a little stud in his dream. He had light brown hair and dimples. =) We'll know what our little guy looks like very soon.

Only 4 more days until we are blessed with a baby boy! We are getting so excited! I am off this week for some rest and final preparations for baby. We go to the doctor on Thursday. If I haven't made much progress they will likely check me in Thursday night, so we can get things going so we have him on Friday. If I'm in pretty good shape, I will check-in at 7:30am Friday morning. WOOHOO! We can't wait to meet this little guy.

Please keep us all in your prayers as we prepare for this wonderful journey we are about to start! Hopefully our crazy dreams don't come true, well mine at least! hahaha