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Friday, April 29, 2011

Preston's 1st Easter!

Preston had a wonderful 1st Easter! A couple of weekends ago we took Preston to our neighborhood Easter celebration where he met the Easter bunny, hunted eggs and got a cute bunny balloon. We had a good time celebrating the arrival of Easter with neighbors, Stephen's parents and aunt and uncle who were in town from San Antonio.

Last weekend the celebrations really kicked in and we were busy bunnies! We colored Easter eggs Saturday for the Easter bunny which was fun! Preston did decide it would be fun to see our kitchen floor dyed as he tipped over a glass of blue dye on the tile. Luckily we got a good laugh out of it and it washed off pretty easily and we did manage to get some pretty eggs! Good times!

We started Easter day by getting all dressed up in our Sunday best and taking Preston to church to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It was a beautiful service that Preston was very excited to be a part of. So excited in fact, that he wanted to talk right along with the pastor throughout the service. Despite the fact that Daddy had to step out a couple of times with Preston to quiet him down, it was a beautiful service that we were happy to be a part of. After church we headed home, opened Easter baskets and had Preston's first Easter egg hunt from the Easter bunny! It was lot's of fun!

That afternoon Nana, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene joined us for a delicious Easter lunch and more Easter fun! You would've thought it was Christmas around here! Not only did Preston get an Easter basket from the Easter bunny, but he also got one from Nana, one from Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene! This boy is so blessed!! After lots of basket fun, we played some fun Easter games, hunted more eggs that the family hid for Preston, busted confetti eggs on each others heads and last but not least heated the pool and jumped in! It was Preston's first time in the pool so we had lot's of fun! It was a great first Easter for our little man. We are so grateful for our family to share in this fun day and incredibly gracious for our Father who gave his son so that we could live eternally!