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Friday, April 29, 2011

Preston is 8 Months Old!

8 month pic with Blue

Preston's first time in the pool! He LOVED it!

Preston tearing up a magazine on the bed while mommy worked!

Riding in the grocery cart like a big boy!
Sleeps like a little man!
First happy hour with mom and dad

Snuggle time with daddy
Our BIG boy!

I know I say this every month, but it is hard to believe Preston is already 8 months old! Time really does fly when you're having fun! This has been the most fun age yet! Preston is so much fun and it seems like he learns something new everyday! In the last month he...

-Has learned how to wave bye-bye
-Is saying ba-ba (which is what we call his bottle). We aren't sure if this is actually a word yet and he knows what he's saying or just his first consonant, regardless a milestone
-Celebrated his first Easter
-Got in the hot tub for his first time (not super hot of course just warm)
-Got in the pool for his first time
-Is talking constantly- just baby gibberish, but he's saying something!
-Is doing some serious teething! He has 4 teeth on the bottom and I can see 4 coming in on the top. Poor little guy, that has to hurt! =(
-Is really wanting to crawl, but not quite there

-Loves to stand up and can actually balance himself for a few seconds
-Rolls around everywhere and loves it
-Absolutely loves being outside!
-Is now riding in the grocery cart like a big boy
-Sits in a high chair at restaurants
-Can drink from a straw
-Is eating more solids
-Laughs at himself and cracks himself up
-Plays with his toys and really plays with them these days
-Loves animal noises, when we make the noises he thinks its hilarious
-Flew his first kite (with dad)
-Attended his first happy hour with mom and dad and got asked for his number for a play date! That's our boy! ;)
-Can give five on both hands!
-Loves to snuggle and give kisses
-Has started reaching for us
-Now lays his head on our shoulders when he's tired
-Has officially outgrown his infant car seat...time to make the move to the toddler seat

Overall, he's just as sweet as can be! I can not imagine life without him! I had no idea there was room for this much love in my heart. He's an absolute joy and we continue to thank God for him everyday!!