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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Preston is 3 Years Old!

This has been a super fun week of celebration for our big boy. It is hard to believe that Preston is 3 years old! He is getting so big so fast! We had a super fun birthday party for him Saturday that had a circus theme. We had Miki the monkey come and entertain the kids and also had fun games for everyone to play for carnival prizes as well as yummy, sweet circus food! It was a great celebration with a lot of our family and friends here. Preston was excited to wake up that day with his cousins and Nana visiting and a surprise Train table from mom and dad! He loved every bit of the fun filled day!

On his actual birthday (which was Tuesday August 27th), Stephen and I took the day off to spend with our big boy. We took him to the zoo, which is one of his all time favorite places! We all had a great time! After a short nap, some food and a little birthday wish and cupcake, we took Preston to see Planes in 3D. It was a wonderful day! We are so incredibly blessed to get to spend this time with our special birthday boy! He is the light of our lives and we want nothing more than to celebrate the big boy he is becoming! We love you Preston and can't wait to see you continue to grow and learn over this next year!

 Nana, our popcorn lady!
 Miki the Monkey
 Prego mom playing photographer

 Miki loved Daddy!

 Sweet cousins with Miki
 The Mota Family celebrating Preston!
 So glad Nana was here to celebrate with us!
 Wish BIG!!
 Lovin on Nana
 Surprise train set for his birthday
 They played ALL day!
 The kiddos loved the Duck Pond game

Preston loves his Mimi and Papa

 Fun times with the fam
 Its Circus time!
 A great day for the zoo
 Preston loves his daddy!

 My sweet boy!
 Taking down the gator!
 Our big 3 year old!

 Waving to the monkeys

 Happy birthday big boy!
 Planes in 3D to close out a special day!