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Monday, October 28, 2013

Big Brother Coming Soon!

We are very excited to announce that we are going to be having another baby!! We found out in June that we would be expecting baby #2 in February. It was perfect timing, right around Father's Day that we found out, so we got to tell all of the special Father's in our lives on Father's Day. We also got a special t-shirt made so Preston could make the announcement via social media. Everyone is super excited to see Preston become a big brother and to meet this new little addition to our family.
In August, we found out that this special new addition is going to be A GIRL!! =) We are more than thrilled. What an incredible blessing! Preston is excited to meet his baby sister and has been super cute about the whole thing! A couple of things to note... -We told Preston that we were having a baby and that it was in mommy's tummy. He thought that was hilarious and said, "In mommy's tummy...that's silly!" -I picked up Preston from school a few days after we had told him about the baby and he said, "Mommy where's the baby?!" I told him it would be a while before it got here because it had to grow in mommy's tummy for a while before it will be ready to come out. He said, "No mommy, I don't want it to get too big! I want to hold it!" haha -While pushing Preston in his swing one day, he was in deep thought. I asked him what he was thinking about and he said, "I'm thinking about what I can give my baby sister!" Super sweet! -One night we tucked Preston into bed and he said, "Mommy, I think I'm going to give my baby sister all my stuffed animals." I told him he didn't have to give up his toys for sister, but that was super sweet to want to share them. He was a bit relieved! haha -We went to look at baby furniture and Preston picked up a lovey and said, "I think we should get this for baby sister!" We did, and that is sisters first gift from her big brother! We are all very excited to meet this sweet little girl! We still haven't decided on a name yet. Hopefully we'll land on one soon! We are so incredibly thankful for such an amazing blessing in our lives. Can't wait to see our family grow!